Top 7 reasons why British usually got fired

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Being fired, especially nowadays, when we are somehow balancing on the brink of an economic collapse, is definitely not the best thing that can happen in your life. And it’s not only about losing a stable income, but it’s also about facing a certain psychological trauma, when your ego takes a hit. 

To prevent layoffs and stay gainfully employed you just need to avoid 7 things I’ve learned from the top reasons Brits got laid off. 

1. Workplace theft

Anything can be stolen at any working place. For example, in a casino, a croupier who knows the features of the slot machine and notices when a client forgets to press the button to withdraw the winnings may do it instead of a lucky but not so clever winner. Thus, it is better for such gamblers to play slot machines for free, which can be done online by visiting 500freeslots.com,  without the risk of being tricked by a cunning stickman, waiting to take your winnings. Well, such an unscrupulous employee does not enjoy his prey for long, and after being caught, he has no choice but to take off his smart clothes.

Even stealing small and cheap items, such as office supplies, can lead to undesirable consequences that are not worth the “freebies”.

2.  Drug or Alcohol Possession at Work 

Career pressure, personal issues and emotional difficulties can develop a desire to start abusing drugs and alcohol. It happens that such employees do not leave such a self-destructive habit at home, but bring it to work with a lunch box. There is no need to explain how such substances affect the brain and the body, which can be a serious problem for the abuser, co-workers and the organisation itself. Therefore, if your boss feels something stronger than coffee out of your cup, be sure that he will take an appropriate action. 

3.  Inappropriate posts on Social Media

Employers take the social life of their employees seriously, as this can increase the reputation of the entire company or, conversely, completely destroy it. Think twice about what you are posting, especially when it comes to issues of race, gender, or religion. Even a seemingly harmless racist joke can lead to job loss.

4.  Dating coworkers

 There are many reasons why dating a coworker is not a good idea. But the best one is that it’s a Russian roulette which can lead you to marriage or unemployment. There is always a risk of breaking up and when this person is your work colleague, you may still have to maintain a professional relationship. Depending on the circumstances, if you fail to do so could cost a promotion or even your job.

5.  Toxic Behaviour 

 Nobody would like to work with a person with toxic behaviour. In today’s working environment, you are expected to be part of a team. It means that you should fit in otherwise If your colleagues don’t like you, they will turn your life into hell so eventually you will quit. 

6.  Insubordination

Insubordination is quite a common reason for dismissal. The British themselves do not tolerate any kinds of rudeness and impolite behaviour. So, if you refuse to follow instructions given by a supervisor or manager or act disrespectfully, be ready to pack your things into a box and move your butt towards the exit.

7.  Procrastination and Being Late 

A person who is late for work or a business meeting, procrastinates or misses a deadline can hardly be considered reliable or well-organized. The same may be applied to zoom meetings, which have become very popular nowadays for obvious reasons. You should definitely check out Wild Zoom Video Meetings Fails in order not to make the same mistakes. No employer will accept your day-to-day excuses, so set an alarm, try to avoid traffic jams and stick to your schedule.

Following the tips above will help you to keep your office belongings out of the box, enjoy your working environment and not to worry about your financial situation.

Photo: Jaimie Duplass/westsoundworkforce.com