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People Go Globetrotting For New Reasons, Now

Certainly, photography has been a big component in travel since the first daguerreotype was committed to human records. However, technology has come a long way since such methods of capturing the way light plays across three-dimensional objects were first discovered. Today, in your pocket, you have the power of a movie studio neatly contained within a smartphone.

Smartphones have greater computational ability than all of NASA during the Apollo missions in 1969, and though most users of such tech aren’t astronauts, at the same time, they are able to capture some downright extraordinary images from around the world. As a result, such technological compartmentalization and reduction have changed how people approach to travel.

Whereas up until the close of the twentieth century, someone might travel to the pyramids just to take them in, in today’s world, they may travel there to make a TikTok video and set the footage to some funky beat.

So in answer to the question of starting this writing: yes, the way traveling is done today is different. And following, we’ll cover a few more idiosyncrasies of the “selfie generation” to help you see just how things have changed, and help give today’s travelers ideas pertaining to the best selfie imagery.

Themed Selfies And Videos

So first and foremost, the term “selfie” is supposed to pertain to a picture of oneself taken by oneself—prior to “selfies”, you’d have to have a person take your picture. The thing is, you can also take video footage if you’d like to. Now that’s something to consider indeed! This is especially true when certain locales virtually demand video footage.

A lot of those in the selfie generation like to incorporate themes into the videos or pictures they take at exotic places. Maybe the theme matches the green foliage, or maybe you make your pictures a contrast. That is to say: you can use filters, but you don’t have to. You can dress up for the selfie, but you don’t have to.

What you might want to do is make a “theme” out of your travels, though. For example, if you’ve never been to Japan, maybe you’ve got a “Colorado Goes To Tokyo” sort of vibe going on, and you contrast what moves you with how locals respond to your own foreign responses. Whatever you choose, a themed vibe to selfies has a lot to recommend it.

Imagination Stimulation

As you may have guessed, the imagination of an individual can come against blockages. Certainly, it’s perfectly fine to just enjoy the foreign locales you travel to; maybe let their distinct “otherness” stimulate your imagination.

You can find online options, too. There’s a lot of pressure around imagination, and being original when it comes to selfies; the hyperlinked resource can help get your mental wheels turning.

Locales So Picturesque That Any Footage Is Gorgeous

If you don’t know what your theme should be, and you haven’t got any ideas for a creative selfie or video, you might just capture the area where you are in all its glory. A picturesque lagoon on the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean doesn’t really require a lot of thematic elements to be beautiful and exotic.

One thing the selfie generation seems to forget is that people like that which is distinct from their daily grind even if it has no thematic elements silhouetting it whatsoever. Also, while we’re thinking about the word, you might as well keep in mind how striking the silhouette you cast when pictured before sunrise can be.

Traveling Selfie Seekers

So the selfie generation travels more for the sort of social media content they can generate than for the locales themselves—at least some of them do that. Well, that’s to be expected when all of NASA’s computational power is in your pocket. The thing is, some locales recommend themselves to photography, and sometimes imaginations will lag even in this situation.

Be prepared to explore resources as they are available to stimulate your imagination. Don’t just take selfies, take videos as well. And lastly, though the selfie generation has made it so people travel for totally different reasons than they used to, that doesn’t mean old reasons for travel are defunct. It’s always worthwhile to just “get away” now and again.