Funeral Tips: How To Showcase The Unique Life Of Your Loved One



When we lose a loved one, it’s always hard to say goodbye. Funerals can get extremely emotional as you are saying one last goodbye to that person. It can be daunting to even think about every little detail about that person while you prepare the funeral, but if you want to make a proper send-off, you’ll have to do it. That’s why that day should be well organized and planned out, so you can give a memorable and meaningful closing to one’s life. Here are some tips on how you can showcase the unique life of your loved one! 


Dressing in black from head to toe is commonly known as the funeral attire, but would your loved one really like to see all of their family and friends dressed in black? Why not switch the whole black outfit with something else, like how did that person like to dress? Why not find inspiration in their outfits, or wear something that they liked seeking you in! Black is an obviously understandable choice for those who mourn, but you need to remember that funerals aren’t just for that, you still need to somehow showcase your loved one and celebrate their life.


Beautiful decorations are great – who wouldn’t want a fancy funeral, right? But chances are it simply wouldn’t have any meaning, instead, you should opt for something more heartfelt and small. It’s all in the details, the more obscure, the better. You can even tell the guests to bring an item that reminds them of the deceased. Probably the most personalized thing you should focus on are the urns and keepsakes, as they are the centerpiece of the event. Unlike other decorations and items, this can be truly done however you’d like, with small details that showcase just who your loved one was as a person and the things they loved most.


What better way to comfort yourself and others attending the funeral while still keeping the spirit of your loved one around – bring delicious food! Probably one of the best ways to both satisfy the hungry, but also to cherish the late is to cook something that they liked, a favorite meal or snack or even multiple – bring all the foods that they loved and enjoy it with them one last time. The same goes for drinks. You can even bring their favorite alcohol if that’s something you do, and drink it in their name!


If you truly want to showcase the life of your loved one, a good way to do it is by showing pictures! Pictures say a thousand words. Imagine what kind of story a photo wall will tell. This is also an easy way to display the good times you’ve shared with each other. You can do the same thing with videos, have a projector, and make a slideshow of different photos and videos that can be played on a loop. Also, music is another creative medium that can truly set the tone – so be free to play favorite artists and songs of your loved one to honor them!


Let Everyone Participate

The deceased probably had lots of people who loved and admired them – it would be a shame if they didn’t have a hand in planning the funeral. This day is not only for the deceased but also for everyone who lost them – giving them a chance to speak up or even make something that will be at the funeral can bring people together. By doing these things, you are indeed celebrating the life of your loved one, as everyone can leave a piece of them.

Plant Something

This is particularly if the deceased loved one likes spending time in nature. You can plant a tree or any kind of plant and dame it after your loved one. This is such a heartfelt and eco-friendly way to show how much you loved that person and continue their legacy by planting something in their name. This is also a good group activity, so everyone can join after the funeral, or you can do it on your own for a more personal and intimate moment. Either way, it’s meaningful and a good cause!


Letting go is hard – but necessary. That’s why giving your loved one a proper, meaningful goodbye means so much. It will also help heal you in many ways, as you can celebrate their life one last time while being surrounded by the people and things that remind you of them. Remember that every little detail counts, and the more meaning the better!