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Whether it is wood, steel or fiberglass doors, exterior doors play an essential role in your home. Apart from serving as the main entry and exit points, they protect you from potential threats and extreme weather elements. They also create the first impression about your home since they are the first elements people see when they come visiting.

As such, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to choosing the best exterior doors. With entry doors, things such as durability, aesthetic appeal, quality are absolutely vital attributes. Here, Total Home Windows and Doors has compiled for you three main materials for exterior doors. They include wood, steel and fiberglass doors

  • Wood 

It is a timeless material that is preferred by most homeowners for its aesthetic value. Front doors made from wood can be carved into different designs with added glass on the sides for decorations.

Wood is energy-efficient when properly sealed. You can customize wooden doors in different colors, sizes, and styles. 

However, you should keep in mind that wood naturally warps after some time. The weather elements affect it, making it to discolor too. So, to keep it in good condition, do regular maintenance.

  • Fiberglass doors 

Fiberglass doors are more expensive and durable than wooden doors. They can withstand weather elements without getting damaged, unlike the wood doors. If you like the feel of wood but prefer something long-lasting, you can stain fiberglass to give you the same result.

For a contemporary chic look, you can choose fiberglass entry doors in different colors. These doors are energy-efficient too, so you can enjoy saving on power bills.

  • Steel

If you are skeptical about your home’s security, steel doors are definitely the best choices. They are hard to break through and small dents can be repaired DIY style. To provide efficiency, these doors are insulated with foam on each side of the steel panel. 

So, temperatures and drafts are controlled significantly. The main disadvantage of steel doors is when they get huge dents; it is challenging to pop them out. So, you may end up buying new ones since their overall efficiency gets compromised.

  • Glass 

The main reasons homeowners use glass for their entry doors are allowing light into the house, aesthetics, and to have a better view of the outside. You can choose to use frosted glass, stained glass, or any other for your door.

These doors are safe, especially those that have been double or triple-glazed. However, when the glass has slight cracking, the entire door becomes compromised. Cold air can start entering your home through the cracks, incurring you hefty energy bills. Additionally, clear glass doors can allow the outsiders to view what is happening inside your home, preventing you from enjoying your privacy.