What happens when testosterone is high in men?

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Testosterone, the main male hormone responsible for libido, muscle building and bone strength, changes in men during puberty, sperm production, amongst other things, is vital for overall health of men.

For the above reason, it is important to keep the T-level balanced in male body. Testosterone is, however, also found in women ovaries albeit quite less than the amount produced in male testicles. Since it is known as the male sex hormone, we will be talking about the testosterone level in men, in this article.

While many men suffer with low levels of testosterone, there are a handful of them who have a problem with high testosterone levels. So, what happens when testosterone is high in men? Let’s find out.

What are the signs of high testosterone in men?

While the signs of low testosterone level in male body include erectile dysfunction, low libido, weakened bones, fatigue, hair fall, etc, men with high testosterone levels suffer with the following symptoms-

  •       Aggressive behaviour
  •       Shrunken testicles
  •       More acne
  •       Oily skin
  •       Sleep problems
  •       Increase in muscle mass
  •       Irritation
  •       Low sperm count

Thus, it is important to keep the balance in these hormones.

What can high testosterone do to a man?

According to HCBT: “High testosterone levels in men can lead to serious health situations. One such situation is the possible tumour in testicles or adrenal tumour. While these tumours can be both benign or malignant, it is important to remove them from the body to avoid the worst-case scenarios.”

Another result of high T-levels in your body can lead to high cholesterol, which is linked to various cardiovascular diseases. This can also lead to cardiac arrest, stroke, and other serious health problems.

You may also suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, infertility and problems in sperm production. Men who genetically produce high testosterone are more prone to develop blood clots and related problems. Thus, it is important to be aware of your testosterone count by going for regular checks.

However, the high levels of testosterones aren’t only related to difficult or serious health conditions. Some of the common health problems caused by high T-levels in men are given below-

  •       Mood swings
  •       Difficulty in  breathing
  •       Difficulty speaking
  •       Swelling in body parts, such as hands and leg
  •       Abnormal growth of prostate gland
  •       Overproduction of red blood cells leading to a condition called polycythaemia vera
  •       Premature hair-fall in some cases
  •       Dizziness

While there are many other problems that can be caused due to overproduction of testosterone in men, the above few are quite common ones. If you can relate with one or more of the above conditions, then go ahead and get yourself tested with a medical health practitioner.

What are the treatments available for this?

People usually resort to traditional medication and therapy to deal with this problem, but before anything else, the diagnosis of the same is a prerequisite. There are two main methods of diagnose required to check high T-level in men-

  1.   Physical examination – Your physical and emotional symptoms will be checked  and looked at closely by a specialist. You might have to answer some questions related to some unwanted changes that your body might be going through at the time of the check-up.
  2.   Blood test for testosterone – Your blood sample will be taken and sent to the lab for further analysis. The T-level will be then measured, and if found high, treatment will be given. The test is recommended in the early morning hours, since the T-level is at its highest during that time.

If your testosterone is high, that is more than 950 ng/dL (in total) and above 30 ng/dL (free T-level), your doctor will recommend the best treatment suited for your condition. In most cases, people are treated with injection or prescription gel. You will also be asked to get off any steroids, if you use them as supplements and then, asked to get yourself tested again.

Additionally, you will have to consciously make a decision to change your lifestyle and be more disciplined. For instance, if you’ve been taking any type Testosterone Supplements, then you can be asked to discontinue them. You will also be asked to change your diet and include more proteins, carbs, fats in it, along with regular exercise and a strict sleeping schedule at night. You should also keep your skin clear of any oil to minimize the sprouting acnes on the face.

In the case of tumours, doctors usually recommend surgery to remove it completely from the body.

Please note that the long-term treatment for high T-level might lead to side-effects, such as increased possibility of heart problems and weight loss. Thus, you must consult your doctor about the same before starting the medication.


In the world like ours, which is constantly full of work pressure and stress, it is possible for your body to develop an abnormal level of testosterone, amongst other hormones. In fact, it is becoming quite a regular problem in men. You shouldn’t have to worry since there are medications available to deal with it and in most cases, people successfully solve this problem. Thus, if you or someone you know is suffering with this problem, then the first thing to be done is to get yourself tested and then do exactly as your doctor tells, and in a few months, you will be as good as new.