Are You On The Right Network For Where You Live?

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So you’ve just bought an iPhone from Apple, but when you go to use it, the signal is pretty dire. If you’re already locked into a contract with a network but don’t have local coverage, you could be spending money on something you can’t use correctly. Checking if you’re on the right network for where you live can help you make the most of your contract. Here’s how you can see which network is best for you in Paisley. 

Check Network Coverage For Your Area

Ofcom launched a mobile network coverage checker so that you can make sure your local area is covered by the network you’re on. You can view how good the coverage is by a traffic light system, which shows who provides the highest likelihood of coverage inside and outside, with or without 4G, and see results by voice, data, and enhanced data coverage for EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone. Check before you look at contracts with these four UK network providers to make sure you can use your phone on the network. If the coverage report is either amber or red, it could be worth avoiding these networks entirely when starting your mobile phone contract.

Changing Contract Due To Poor Coverage

Before you sell your Apple iPhone or change contract due to inadequate coverage in your area, there might be options for cancelling your contract. The best-case scenario is pulling out of your agreement during the 14-day cooling-off period, but this option is not always available. Your contract may come with a network coverage guarantee, or a rival provider may buy out your contract in exchange for you taking out a fixed-term contract with them. 

Who Really Provides Your Network

You may feel locked into taking a contract with a specific network if the coverage in the area is limited. However, if you look into who provides your network coverage, you may have more options than you initially thought. Piggybacking is the term used when one carrier uses the network coverage of another – like Tesco using O2 or Asda using EE. So before you take out a contract, check the coverage of your area against who provides the network.

Reading Reviews 

Which.co.uk has a coverage map so that you can read honest reviews of 3G, 4G and 5G UK mobile coverage by area. As Ofcom’s ratings are provided by the carriers themselves, checking out reviews for your area might be the best way to ensure the accuracy of the data presented. If one of the providers should have good coverage, but several people have reported an issue, it might be worth going for a different provider.

Choosing the right network provider in Paisley will help you make the most of your mobile network coverage. Read the reviews, check the coverage, and look at the terms of a contract before purchase to make sure you can back out if your coverage is inadequate.