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Whether you are someone who wants to get into cryptocurrency or you are a cryptocurrency expert, you always want to get informed by credible cryptocurrency blog sites. There are many blogs out there, but it is essential to know where to get informed. 

As time passes by, blockchain and cryptocurrency are just growing, so is the interest in these two hot topics. Bitcoin was included in Googles’ list as one of the highest searched topics in 2017. Trading is becoming more trendy, especially since now people can trade using trading bots, as shown here

Here are the top 3 credible cryptocurrency and blockchain news sites:

  1. Cointelegraph

There are many factors why Cointelegraph would be ranked as number one. You can find the latest news related to cryptocurrency and blockchain there. Cointelegraph is characterized by a unique design of their website and high quality written articles, followed with a unique animated picture. They have millions of visitors that get informed from there.

  1. Coindesk

Coindesk is also one of the best crypto and blockchain news sites. Their dedicated team of journalist does a great job providing the readers with high-quality articles. The only downturn about this site, I would say, is their design, which is frustrating. But, since the content matters the most, Coindesk will be ranked as one of the best sites, considering that their content is exceptional.

  1. News is mainly a bitcoin wallet, but their news section is outstanding, making the site stand right there by Cointelegraph and Coindesk. Their articles are well written and clear. Their design is very simplified also, making everything things easier for the reader. They have the Op-Ed section, also where readers can find opinions from various authors and more in-depth articles related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.