3 Keys to protecting your sunglasses

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Do you protect your sunglasses properly at all times of the day? But why? Sunglasses are quite expensive, but they are essential to protect your eyes from the sun.

So, it should be obvious to protect your sunglasses, and it might be at first. Over time, however, people stop worrying so much about their material possessions. This is crazy. People will spend over $ 100 on sunglasses or sometimes more than 200$ like Tom Ford sunglasses, take proper care of them for a few weeks, and then start treating them like a 10$ pair of sunglasses in no time.

The key is to acquire good habits from the beginning. If you take better care of your glasses, it becomes a habit that you can follow later on. In the spirit of this thought, when purchasing your new pair of blinds, be sure to follow the three keys below.

Do not hang them on your shirt or place them on your head.

Many people wonder why their sunglasses always break.

While it may seem nicer to hang your sunglasses on your shirt or place them on your head, these are not the best options to get the most out of your sunglasses. After all, when you hang your sunglasses on your shirt, they can fall off, especially if the screws are loose, which could cause you to put them on your head. If a screw is loose, the hinge is probably not solid, meaning the temple could collapse everywhere. Even if the screw is not losing your glasses can still easily fall off when you bend to pick up something. The worst part is that you can even break your glasses by hugging someone

Take care of the lenses.

Here’s a thought, maybe people should take care of their lenses. So, the next time your glasses have smudges, fingerprints, sand, dirt, or anything on them, try using the right cleaning supplies instead of the closest thing, which is usually your shirt.

By using the proper cleaning tools, you eliminate the risk of scratching your lenses when you rub sand/dirt while trying to clean them.

Although sunglasses are a matter of style, what makes frames a critical part is the lenses that protect the eyes from the sun, and it is the lenses you look at. The moment you scratch those lenses, well, the moment your vision deteriorates.

Please don’t put them on the table while you eat.

It can be helpful to put your glasses on the table while eating, but this advice should be avoided unless you like living life in nature. Unless you plan to spill food, drinks, or anything in your glasses, put them in a case while you are not using them, do not put them on the table.

The reality is that even things like a knife, plate, fork, and glass can crush your frames and lenses if they fall enough. Guess what? All of these things are generally present when you eat.

Again, don’t be afraid to use the case that comes with your sunglasses; it helps protect them.