Top 5 Best Places to go on a Date in Paisley

Paisley food Festival

Situated just over 12 miles to the west of Glasgow, Paisley is a thriving Scottish town often overlooked when people are planning holidays or day trips to the West of Scotland. Singles going online to their favourite dating site will often find themselves chatting to people from Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, or Edinburgh, the capital. Paisley natives are liable to appear less frequently in the list of profiles. But whether you start chatting about local restaurants, movies set in this corner of Scotland (such as Gregory’s Girl), or the best shopping centers in the vicinity, a little local knowledge would go a long way. If you do find yourself engaging with someone hailing from this scenic location – perhaps even considering arranging a date – here are five of the best destinations for a romantic get-together that were compiled by dating experts from this website.


Paisley Museum and Art Galleries


A fairly common date suggestion for Paisley is to pay a visit to the notable Paisley Museum. Although much of the surrounding architecture in this part of Renfrewshire is functional and pretty devoid of character, this public display is located in one of the grandiose buildings constructed during the Victorian era. There are over 800 paintings here, in what is one of the largest art collections in the country. The archaeological exhibits cover everything from Ancient Egyptian relics to examples of local industry, meaning there are plenty of conversation starters for your day out.


Coats Observatory


The majesty of our solar system and the cosmos beyond can be appreciated from anywhere on the planet, but Paisley’s local observatory is always keen to make the astronomical experience one that can be appreciated as conveniently as possible. Scotland’s oldest observatory, this institution can proudly boast of being the first of its kind to open its doors to the general public. Viewings are still offered on a twice-weekly basis, and the state-of-the-art planetarium is always universally popular.


Hamills Waterfall


Overlooked by the towering red-brick edifice of Anchor Mills, Hamills Waterfall is a spectacular sight, well worth a visit during a romantic stroll through the town. The mill itself shut for business in the 1980s and has since been redeveloped onto private flats and business premises, but the falls are certainly bustling with noise! On a sunny day, what more satisfying way to enjoy the local scenery than packing a hamper with tasty delights, then finding a suitable location to take in the perpetual motion of the waters cascading down into the river?


Fountain Gardens


If you’re going to go for a date in Paisley, there is no shortage of restaurants or charming cafes where you can get to know each other over refreshments. But a recommended outing would be to visit the Fountain Gardens. The centerpiece fountain, the Grand CentralFountain, is one of only three Grade-A listed examples in Scotland. There’s also a statue of the nation’s most renowned and popular poet, Robert Burns. 


Glennifer Braes


If you head over to the 480-acre Robertson Country Park on the town’s outskirts, you’ll come across an upland landscape that is ideal for picnics and romantic strolls. There are tranquil woods alive with birdsong, bubbling streams, and cascading waterfalls. There are many interesting geological features within this secluded area, while the Gleniffer Burn has eroded the land to 50 feet deep gorges in many places. As well as the natural beauty of the nature trails and birdwatching sites, this destination also offers unparalleled views of Paisley, as well as the Lower Clyde Valley sprawling in the direction of Loch Lomond.