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We are creatures of comfort. We like feeling cosy. We enjoy being in beautiful spaces. With some ingenuity, creativity, elbow grease and a few investments here and there, we can all truly transform the spaces that we live in. 


When it comes to making these changes, of course, the most important thing you need to remember is to have a plan. A plan can help keep your vision unified even if you spend months between updates because you need to save up for a new addition. Waiting to save up for the right investment can truly improve your space and, if the improvements affect the physical structure of your home, can also improve its value. 



  • Custom Curtains or Blinds 


If you want to add design elements to your home and improve its insulation, custom curtains or blinds are the perfect solutions. You don’t need to hire someone to come in and make curtains just for you, either. Go for high-quality, store-bought curtains and have them fitted to your measurements at your local tailors, and you’ll have luxurious curtains in no time. 



  • The Right Sized Rug 


The most important thing about a rug, in any room, is its size. Know the right size to best frame your room and your furniture and then shop by size to make your space as comfortable as it can be. 



  • A Fireplace 


If you want to make your home more beautiful, cosy and warm, the best way is with a fireplace. You don’t need to open up your old chimney and try to bring it back to life, either. You can easily install a new flueless gas fireplace instead of dealing with the hassle of a wood fireplace, thereby enjoying all of the comforts and none of the chores. 

These sorts of character features are great for the family and a real seller when it comes to finally moving on. You’ll see more interested buyers for sure when you have a gas fireplace or two in your home. 



  • Luxurious Textiles 


The comfort of a couch is certainly something to consider, but your efforts at making your furniture comfortable should never end there. Luxurious textiles such as blankets, rugs or pillows will make all the difference as to how a space feels when you are in it. Invest in higher-quality materials that feel great against your skin, and don’t be afraid to have fun with different textures. 



  • Lighting as Art 


Turning on the overhead light often washes out the room and is therefore not a great idea to make a space feel comfortable. Instead, use lamps or candles. They light up the room from the bottom up, so that your room is lit from eye level. This instantly makes the space feel more comforting, and, depending on the design of these lights, can also improve the overall look of the room. 



  • Beautiful Décor 


Add your decorative elements slowly so that you can build them up organically. This way, every new addition adds new reasons to love your home. 


Making your home more comfortable is, at the end of the day, a very personal journey. Do what feels right for your home and your family, and you’ll have a wonderfully cosy place to call home.