Some of the Tricks You Should Try While Vaping

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A lot has been said about vaping. You can now find many articles online and other sources about vaping. What different people say about vaping is rather a mixed reaction. Some see it as a dangerous activity since it is relatively new while many view it as safe. There has been an increasing number of vapers across the world.

Many people are now embracing vaping culture. Vaping is now done in different ways compared to when it started. A community of those who vape is developing every day.

If you are starting vaping, there are some things you may not know. You might come across videos of people showing incredible vaping tricks. Doing them may not be as hard as you may think. You can follow the guide below on how to do some of the most common tricks.

Cup of Vapor

Most of those who start vaping may find it hard to do some of the tricks that more experienced users do. It is critical to always look for simple tricks to start with. Once you have learned how to do the simple tricks, you can have the confidence and patience to do those that might seem harder. The cup of vapor trick is very simple. It is fair to state that anyone who vapes despite his or her experience can do this trick. You will only need a cup and your vaping equipment. You should gradually blow vapor into the cup. Once it has settled into the cup, you can gently pour the vapor. The trick is simple but looks incredible.


Another amazing trick that you should consider doing is the waterfall vape trick. Among the many vaping tricks out there, this tends to look the most magical. Though the trick may look fancy, it is easy to do. Once you have the required things, you can impress your friends.

All you need is a regular water bottle. It is necessary to have a layer of ice at the bottom of the bottle. Once this is done, you can blow vape inside the bottle. To do the trick, you then raise the bottle a couple of inches and gradually pour the vapor out of the bottle. The vapor will resemble a waterfall when you pour it out. Having good vaping equipment is vital when performing vaping tricks, so why not find out more about how you can purchase one?

The Dragon

This trick is one that will amaze your buddies for sure. When you know how to do the trick, you are bound to look cool while vaping. Just as the name of the trick suggests, you will resemble a dragon while exhaling vapor from your mouth. Though the trick looks complicated, it is quite easy. You will be required to inhale a lot of vape from your device, then exhale the vapor from your nose and the sides of your mouth.


Vaping is considered one of the best alternatives to traditional smoking. You can still get nicotine minus the many toxic chemicals found in regular tobacco cigarettes. There are so many tricks you can learn to do. You can have some fun when vaping once you learn the tricks.