In the digital age there are a multitude of ways for you to take photographs, whether by your phone or by using one of the numerous cameras afforded to us,  it is wondrous how high-quality cameras truly have become. Photographs have reached such high specifications that you can often feel as if you were inside the photo.


Once was the way that the upper-classes would employ a painter to take their portrait, but now with the quality of even smartphones, that is no longer necessary. With so many resolutions boosting accessories, the professionals of have compiled a list of the must-haves for your camera. Why settle for good when you can have better?

Get Yourself a Gimbal

If you’re a videographer looking to take crisp videos and cinematic footage with your camera, whether it be an industrial video camera or just an ordinary camera, then a gimbal is certainly a must! Gimbals are versatile and stabilized, and can often support a maximum load of up to, while the batteries of many models can far surpass 13 hours. At around 2kg they are not light per se but are still light enough for you to traverse landscapes without being weighed down. Gimbals are often used as part of a modular system with many expansion ports for complete and ultimate flexibility.

You may also want to get external monitors or thumb controllers, and of course, microphones, as a videographer – I’m sure you already know that.

How About a CF Express Type B Card?

As you take thousands of photos on your Nikon, CFExpress cards are very fast at writing and reading data with speeds of up to an amazing 1700MBs, and 1400MBs on smaller models. The cards are made tough with features designed to withstand falls from up to 15-feet and boast an amazing rigidity of 70N of force.

Grab a Type B USB Reader

The fastest and most efficient way to transfer images from your camera to your computer is a CFExpress Card Reader. The CFExpress Card Reader is one of the best card readers on the market, offering an amazing 3.1 Gen2 speed, working harmoniously with the SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards.

A Long-Lasting Battery

On a Nikon Z, through periods of extensive use, the battery can drain quite a lot faster than it once did, mostly because of its constantly illuminated LCD panel. If you’re constantly taking videos and photographs, the battery will drain significantly faster, also. The Nikon Z comes with two high specification batteries, but it is always good to get a third and a fourth, best from the official accessories page at Nikon, and have them with you always.


Always Bring a Battery Charger

If you’ve used all of your batteries, then thankfully the guy’s from Nikon have provided an MH-25 Quick Charger for the standard Nikon 7 battery. The charger is quite basic, with only one LED light indicator, and you can only charge a single battery at a time. However, it does the job.

If you prefer a more high specification model, then you should check out the other items available on the official Nikon accessory page. Many of the items provided offer a 5-year warranty which is important when you are regularly taking photographs in harsh environments.

Make Sure The Reviews Are Good!

You can truly make a career from photography, from wedding photography to nature and wildlife. Major publications, magazines, and newspapers employ well experienced and creative photographers who are employed to provide the best and highest quality of photography. The Natural History Museum of London quite frequently displays wildlife photography from independent photographers across the world, offering bursaries and grants.  

With photography in high demand, and competition rife, it is important that you choose accessories for your camera effectively. You must undercut your competition drastically and endeavor to provide the highest quality of photographs that you possibly can. Whether you take photos as a hobby, or professionally, it is important that you find the best-sourced accessories, preferably from official sources, to keep your camera in good condition and your photographs vibrant. 

There are so many potential accessories to choose from, you must choose effectively and cater to your particular choices around the specific camera that you use. Blindly purchasing accessories will do you no favors and you must be strategic in your purchases. It cannot be stressed enough that you should purchase from dealers of good repute, otherwise you may end up with accessories of poor craftsmanship that prove detrimental to your career as a photographer. There is just so much to buy, you must make sure you are certain the item is worth the cost; as I am sure you are aware many items nowadays are extortionately priced, so think comparatively, and buy smartly!