How Essay Writing Can Help You to Become More Creative

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We often consider essay writing a useless task. Why should we write on the topics that were used dozens of times before us? Shall we write something the teacher wants to hear from us? Why shall we do that at all: are there any chances of us writing essays after the graduation?

These questions are completely understandable, but essay writing really helps us in later life. It makes us take a level in creativity. Let’s see how it happens.


  1. Writing something new on an old topic

Often the essay topics are standardized. It may look as a huge drawback, because sometimes it seems that there is nothing new you can say about the given theme. But this is a great challenge for your creativity too! Sometimes, there is new data that turns around everything that was known before, sometimes it’s an unusual approach that makes people look at things from a new angle. Even if the topic is as old as history, you always can try and make it shine with new colors.

Of course, you should be careful with that. The conservative teacher may not appreciate your creativity, because that’s not the thing they want to hear from you. But if you discuss your approach to the topic with your teacher and they will let you work on it – be sure that you’ll both get a high mark and boost your creativity and ability to see something new and unusual in old things.


  1. Trying the new writing styles and creating your own one

There are lots of cliches that are used in the essay. You know the structure that should be in this or that paper, you roughly know which words are necessary for the introduction and for the conclusion, as you can search for different examples on websites like Ozzi Essays, – but even with all those limitations you may try to write creatively. If it isn’t a strictly scientific paper, you may use your imagination and skill to fascinate the readers and make them read your text until the end just because they are genuinely interested.

You may not be really into writing, but even if you don’t think about literature as a career, you will need to draw people’s attention with a written word. A cover letter may be a good example, as well as a motivation essay. You need to show your feelings and colors to the people you know nothing about. A good writing style and knowledge of literary tools may come in handy.


  1. Investigating the topics you aren’t an instant expert in

We rarely get the essay topics that we genuinely like and have expertise in. But still we gather information, classify it, make our own opinion about it and finally present this opinion in the form of an essay. For example, you have to write an article on law topic, but you don’t have enough knowledge to be confident in what you write, that’s why you can use as an example essays from websites like LawAspect.  In future you’ll have to do a lot of that stuff. Sometimes you don’t really know the subject, but you need to learn it quickly and sometimes even to explain it to the others.

The essays are basically the written form of doing it. Maybe, you don’t know the relationships between Romeo’s and Juliet’s families or have no idea about the statistics of charity and religion connections, but while you are preparing for an essay, you’ll find several sources, analyse them, present the issue from the different sides and gather everything into the one great paper. This ability may save your career later.


  1. Seeing the big picture

Some essays demand accommodating the different points of view. Sometimes it may be even uncomfortable if you need to look at things from the angle that contradicts your own values. But the idea that every problem has several sides – some still may be wrong, but were justified from some point of view – is essential for the strategic thinking each leader needs.

Such tasks help us learn that people seldom do evil just for evil’s sake. Each deed has a reason, each philosophy has a reason and understanding them and agreeing with them are different things. You don’t need to betray your own values to try and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – just to understand the causes of the whole situation.

The essays are a big part of any course and later – of some aftergraduate activities. You’ll write essays each time you search for a job or ask for a promotion. The ability to write captivating texts and present the issue objectively will help you well beyond the essay writing. So try to see this task as a training and deliberately train the qualities you may need later!