How Covid-19 Changes Online Education

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Nobody expected this, but the new coronavirus has changed everything. The world-wide quarantine affected everyone. Today, all students study at home.


For sure, remote education isn’t new. However, nowadays, it is crucial as never before. Let’s check how the forced switch to the home-based education changed the e-learning niche.

Coronavirus Pandemic

For starters, let me drop a few words about the COVID-19. The virus affects the lungs. Moreover, it spreads by airdrop. That’s why it is so dangerous. Unfortunately, isolation is the only way to stop it.

Virus Spread Timeline

It is an unknown virus that has come from China. After this, it has spread to all of Asia. Within a month, it has appeared in Italy, which become the European virus outbreak center.

For now, the virus has reached all countries in the world. Consequently, the whole word is fitting together to overcome it.

E-Learning Before COVID-19

The distance learning niche was growing quite fast before the virus outbreak. A lot of students used the benefits brought by distance education. Shortly, the Internet erased borders and brought the ability to connect with tutors and get new skills from any location.

Therefore, there is a lot of e-learning platforms and software products that help students to study at home. For instance, those learners who experience any problems doing their homework can use the help of the, an online assignment writing service. If you want to learn more about this service, examine the PaperHelp review.

Changes in Distance Learning After the Outbreak

For sure, the forced switch to remote education significantly affected this niche. Fortunately, web services for distance students were ready-to-use. Also, the Internet providing companies were ready for fast growth of the amount of transferred data. All these helped to cancel all the physical classes and start distance education effortless.

Anyway, according to the UNESCO statistics, it affected more than 1.5 billions of learners around the globe. Due to this fact, distance learning is changing extremely fast these days. Let’s make a deep dive and review all the changes.

 Government Support

Firstly, the government of each country is supporting distance learning. They started investing the e-learning programs and startups. Consequently, a lot of software products, online courses, and mobile applications for remote were released in shorten terms.

Secondly, the countries where a lot of students don’t have access to the stable Internet or don’t have electronic devices started transmitting lessons on the TV and radio.

Discounts and Assistance Programs

To support students at the age of the coronavirus, a lot of e-learning platforms reduced prices for their services or made them free. For example, assignment writing platforms lowered their rates. Therefore, any student can get a leading-edge paper for really cheap. Don’t know some good sites? Check out the TopEssayServices and find the best one!

Moreover, a lot of cellular carriers and Internet service providers in the US started offering assistance programs. Briefly, they provide low-cost Internet access or additional gigabytes of data.

Focus on Online Services

Since the demand for online education services extremely high at this period, all software developing companies started to focus on e-learning projects. It boosts the progress in this industry. As a result, new products and innovations in the remote learning niche appear every day.

Mutual Support

Everyone understands that it’s impossible to overcome the virus without mutual assistance. A lot of countries support each other and provide help to resolve problems.

For instance, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, and five other Nordic countries share their software for distance learning for free. These guys have a high level of digitalization. Therefore it’s about time to expect innovations in the e-learning industry.

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World-Wide Digitalization

There is no need to visit physical classes anymore. Furthermore, distance students don’t use copybooks, paper books, and printed assignments. Everything is digital these days.

Students connect with their tutors by using one-a-one sessions. They receive tasks and send their papers via email.

Updated College Programs

Nowadays, colleges focus on remote learning and update their education plans. For sure, when the virus will over, most of the universities will have well-thought-out programs for distance students.

Gadgets for E-Learning

All the students changed physical classes to desks at home. Therefore, everyone needs a particular number of devices. For instance, the demand for low-cost webcams for desktops, microphones, and noise-canceling headphones has increased multiply times from the outbreak.

However, hardware development companies are working hard to release new products that will be helpful for distance learners.

Closing Words

The students’ life has changed in a few months. Briefly, it was a turnaround. Every student study at home now. Someone enjoys remote education, but others don’t.

However, the COVID-19 epidemic boosted the e-learning industry. Nowadays, a lot of companies and governments make significant investments in this niche. Education will never be like it was before.

For sure, remote education has a lot of benefits. I assume that distance learning will be the preferred way of getting a grade for students in the future.