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Millions of people around the world suffer from different types of addiction. Some are dependent on alcohol and drugs, while others have lost so many things because of gambling. No matter what it is, addiction remains to be a big problem in many countries and the truth is that only a small percentage of the population with addiction receive treatment.

The UK has over 250,000 people who have addiction problems and most of them are dealing with Class A drugs which include the use of cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin. After drug-abuse comes alcohol dependency. If you are or someone is part of this population, you should look into ARC Drug Rehab Centre and know the treatment you should get.

Now, there are many possible reasons why people dealing with addiction don’t get the treatment they should get and sometimes, this is because no one is even noticing their problems. Whether it’s yourself or someone else is struggling with addiction, here are some signs to look for.

  • Experiencing health problems

Substance abuse eventually leads to problems with one’s physical health. Alcohol abuse can cause liver problems and heart problems. However, symptoms don’t quickly surface and when they do, it’s sometimes too late.

If you notice any negative physical changes on your body like excessive weight loss or weight gain, this can already be a sign that something is wrong. Body pains can also tell you that something is going wrong in your body. The bottom line is that any of these symptoms can be the warning signs that the body is giving a person in terms of the severity of his or her condition.  And if you know of someone with substance use issues, be sure to try your best to help them. 

  • Strained ties with friends and relatives

When the use of drugs or alcohol starts to become a problem, this quickly affects the relationship a person has with other people. This is especially to the ones who are close to them. Friends and family are put in an awkward position as addiction can create tension.

Most likely, once people close to an addicted person notice the problem, they have a hard time dealing with it too. They are either expressive of their disapproval and sometimes even gets scared of the person with the problem.

People with serious addiction are often irritable and are hard to approach. They are usually up for fights and would sometimes deny the help of others. Addiction has definitely destroyed many families already and it really takes full recovery to fix broken ties because of this/

  • Mental health problems

Many studies have found that people who have underlying mental health problems are the ones who are prone to any type of addiction. Once they do get addicted to something, their mental health problems get worse.

Someone who has an addiction typically has anxiety issues. They easily fall into depression and the worst that could happen is that they go into psychosis. This is why it’s important for them to get treated. Signs of mental problems could manifest in different ways. 

If someone is neglecting personal hygiene and seems to be unaware or doesn’t mind it at all can be a sign of a mental problem. Loss of appetite, panic attacks, and sleep problems can be a sign of a mental health issue too.

  • Heavily relying on any substance to get through the day

What you should know is that many addictions start out with using any substances occasionally. Users tend to think that they are in control of what they are drinking or taking. Eventually, a bottle of beer or a glass of alcohol a day would turn to ten and sometimes even more without them noticing.

If you see someone drinking or taking drugs constantly throughout the day and on a daily basis, then they are already dealing with addiction.

  • Work or other priorities are suffering

For people to keep doing what they normally do, they need to remain focused. The problem with being addicted to something is that focus is hard to come by. Because of this, many priorities are set back and pushed aside.

People with addiction problems typically abandon work. If they used to go to the gym all the time, they just stop. Instead of doing productive things, they either drink or sleep through it. Eventually, work or studies get affected.

A person with an addiction can get fired because of missing many work hours or days and sometimes even turning up to work drunk or high. Students would also come to class drunk or high and fail their subjects.

Overall, addiction affects people differently. However, it’s really easy to point out if sudden changes in a person’s life occur because of their actions. If you think that you are or someone is addicted to any substance, seek help before it’s too late. Full recovery is possible.