What to consider for a loft conversion

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Many families come across the same age-old problem as their children grow: what should we do if we need more space at home? Some will choose to move home, but this won’t be a suitable solution for everyone as the perfect house isn’t always in the right area, and with the children in school and you in a good job, this isn’t ideal for moving away. 

However, you don’t have to move home if you need to have some extra room for your growing brood. If you don’t have enough space on your property to create an extension, then you might want to consider a loft conversion.  Simply search for loft conversion in south west london to get started on exploring your options. Make sure you know what you need before you make your decision – these are just some of the items you should think about.


Can your loft be converted?

You need to work out if your loft space is suitable for a conversion first. Most properties will have an allowance for permitted development, but if you live in a conservation area or your space isn’t tall enough, it could be more complicated.

You can ask an expert such as an architect, builder, or surveyor to look at this for you, but you can also complete some other checks yourself. Search for other conversions on your street; if you see any, then it’s likely you could have one yourself. Measure the space between the floor and tallest part of the loft ceiling and, if it’s 2.2m or more, it should be large enough.


What type of loft conversion should you have?

There are four you can choose from. This includes roof light, dormer, hip-to-gable, and mansard. Which one you select can depend on your budget, plus your type and age of house among others.


Do you need planning permission?

Many conversions will be covered by permitted development rights, so it doesn’t need planning permission. You might not be covered by this, however, if your home is on designated land or you have a property that’s tricky to convert.

The rule of thumb is that if you’re adjusting the roofline externally, you will probably need planning permission. Work to the rear won’t usually need permission if it stays below the roofline.


Should I keep to a budget?

You should find out from the start what is and isn’t included in your order. This is so you get as much information as you can with your quote before anything begins, so you are protected. If you use a loft conversion specialist, then you will be aware of the specification and have a full proposal with all the details for your loft conversion cost.


Will the work be disruptive?

Loft conversions aren’t too disruptive. Most people will choose to stay at home, and a lot of the work will be done using ladders at the front and back of the property. There will be some points of such a project that will be noisier than others, but you will be notified when in the schedule. There’s no guarantee of a smooth process, but any major issues should be covered in an initial survey.