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The bachelor pad aka a single man’s natural habitat brings to mind several things; unsightly leather sofas, giant flat-screen TVs, frozen meals and the dirty dishes that come with them. Though this image of bachelor pads is unendingly trapped in our minds, a lot has changed in the recent past.

Modern bachelor pads have evolved and so have the men that inhabit them. Today, men walk around with panache and finesse, and the bachelor pad needs to be a matching reflection of that. Whether your bachelor pad serves the purpose of drawing in the ladies or otherwise, certain things ought to go without saying.

For instance, your bachelor pad should be clean and odor-free. Your bachelor pad should also say a lot about your personality. As such, it should be filled with all the things that make you- YOU. Just because you live alone does not mean that you have to abandon the idea of living in a stylish home.  

So what essentials should every self-respecting bachelor pad have? Here are the sort of accouterments every bachelor’s lair should have: 


An arcade machine

Every bachelor dreams of growing up, getting their own place and buying their favorite arcade machine. Right? With an arcade machine in your bachelor pad, you can reminisce about your childhood days, where all you really needed to have fun was a roll of quarters for tokens. 

Today, there are plenty of home arcades that are designed to fit into a modern home. These home arcades are short, usually under 4 feet, and can fit perfectly into a cramped bachelor pad. Go for retro classics like Pacman and Asteroids or settle for new-age offerings like StreetFighter and MortalKombat. You will not be disappointed.

Gaming station

Is it even a bachelor pad if it does not come complete with a masterfully equipped game room? One of the top bachelor pad essentials for every self-respecting single man is a space where you can comfortably enjoy your games. For you to have a sleek gaming experience there are some things that your bachelor pad needs. 

Naturally, you should only invest in the finest hardware for gaming, which means having the best consoles known to man. Of course, you can always add older platforms to the mix for a little touch of retro. You must already know that your gaming station will lose its pizzazz without a massive HD screen and a high-end sound system to boot.  

And since some of your guests may not always want to play, you can accommodate their needs by adding other accessories such as a foosball table or a dartboard. If you are super into board games, don’t forget to add the likes of monopoly, battleship, and Jenga.

A stocked home bar

A home bar of some variety is always a bachelor pad mainstay. However, the difference between a self-respecting bachelor pad’s home bar and a frat boy’s is the quality of the home bar and not just the quantity. 

A man’s home bar says a lot about which stage of life he is in, as well as his overall living situation. When you are just starting and living alone, your bar may not be too well-stocked save for a few bottles of vodka and some mixers. However, as you age, your taste should become refined. 

Stock bottles of aperitifs and digestifs from exotic destinations that you have visited, cigars from Honduras, and don’t forget to include a growler of your favorite craft beer too. Most bachelors make the mistake of assuming that they need to stock every type of liquor to make a complete home bar. However, if you are just going to end up shuffling around unopened bottles of Mezcal to the back of the collection for months on end, then what’s the point?

A poker station

Don’t have a poker room in your bachelor pad? It’s time to get one. There is nothing better than a poker night with the guys to cement your status as a bachelor. But hosting a poker tournament at home will take more than a deck of cards and a few drinks. You will obviously need the right selection of players, a decent surface to play on, not to mention a great set of poker chips.

When designing your poker room, you want to create a space that reflects your personality but one that will also make your guests feel comfortable. A good game of poker is ultimately about relaxing, catching up and having a great time with friends so you need to make the space as comfortable as possible for all involved.



Nothing screams bachelor pad quite like bare walls. Artwork may not be in your list of immediate essentials, especially when you first start living on your own. However, as you mature, you start thinking of your home as more than just an area with four walls and a bed. You begin to tune your aesthetics so that your house can become a home.

Framed art speaks volumes about a man’s development and it demonstrates that a man is concerned about what others will think about his space. And it is not just enough to have art- it must be framed because real men use frames!

Aside from art, every bachelor pad should also have framed pictures. You do not have to spend a crazy amount of money on your frames; affordable frames from your local Walmart will do just fine. Frame up some good old family pictures and don’t forget to include some of your mates doing man stuff- you know, base jumping, car repair, fighting bulls, and such.

Final Thoughts

If your bachelor pad conjures up images of a dilapidated recliner, scores of dirty dishes all over, and not much else in the way of furniture, then you need to make some changes. It does not take much to make a bachelor pad feel like a stylish home. You can create a comfy, attractive and functional den that can suit your needs and wants while making guests feel relaxed when they visit.