So, the moment you have been waiting for since ages has finally come. You have collected and drawn all needed funds to start designing and offering shape to your dream-a mansion! Nevertheless, you should not let jubilee carry you away. If it happens, you will be led to loads of mistakes you will be regretting about for the rest of your life. That is, unless you are after just hiring or renting different Mykonos villas each and every year, you must be extra careful with the actual building plan and realization. But let’s make a long story short and begin locating those little or big details that will take your comfort and pleasure to another level.



You must have expected that the location of any dwelling-let alone a villa- is one the most vital factors to be taken into account. Should it be by the sea or is it too damp for you? How about on a slope if you do not mind snow or strong winds? Whatever your choice, you have to make sure that it suits your taste perfectly. Otherwise, you will end up feeling miserable inside your own house and that is something that should be avoided no matter what! Who would not want to stay in every now and then to watch a movie or their favorite TV series? Then, that place is meant to be lovely and cozy. Apart from that, you must think about the distance from the closest town or city because you should need to go shopping and visit the local grocery’s more often than not. As a result, it is not just about the view out, but also everyday practicality that matters equally especially for a family man.



Another significant aspect is the final size and available amenities of the lodging. For a start, all villas are supposed to be pretty impressive and only a few of them are less than 200 or 300 square meters. That is, you are the one to select the proportions along with the availability in terms of plot. You should take into account the size of your family and of course the number of guests you are willing to invite in every occasion. If, for instance, you are about to put up more than 10 or 15 people once a month, then you have to invest on a large housing so as not to find yourselves cramped. In contrast, if festivals and ceremonies are not your cup of tea, I think you could do with a smaller place. As far as the conveniences are concerned, I reckon that you could have a barbecue and a jacuzzi. These ones will be used on different situations, but they will serve their purpose more than well. On the one hand, an outside grill will be your best friend when it comes to inviting relatives around. On the other hand, the jacuzzi will aid you relax after a long day’s work and recharge your corporal and mental batteries.

All in all, those are some primary goals you should achieve when you opt for building your own manor. Unquestionably, selecting the right architect is more than required since he or she will be the one that matters the most while brainstorming. Nonetheless, if you look for avoiding all that fuss and worries and costs, you could rent a place in Mykonos, Greece, especially during Christmas holiday. Mykonos villas are more affordable than ever these days yet they promise excellent amenities and private or even VIP services for you…only!