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Are you planning a night-out in Glasgow? 

Is ‘Casino’ on your mind? 

If yes, you have landed on the right page. Let’s learn about the top five casinos in Glasgow that await your visit in 2020. 

Glasgow is one city which is charming by day and becomes exciting as the sun goes down. You can go bar hopping and have the best night of your life. However, when you tire yourself from the banter of loud music and dancing floors, the city hosts some amazing high-class and lucrative casinos, where people can try their luck to win pounds. 

Well, we have metered the city and tried our luck at each of the following casinos. Here’s what we would like to share with you: 

Alea: A Premium-Casino Experience

The largest Casino in the whole of Scotland! 

Alea has fixed its spot on the list as not only the largest casino in Glasgow but also in all of Scotland. Being the largest casino in the city, you’ll find abundant floor space to play in the complex with numerous table games to enjoy. 

If you’re interested in numbers, there are 50 electronic gaming machines and 33 active tables at Alea. Amazing, right!

Genting Casino

Yes, the famous casino chain from Edinburgh has opened their casino in Glasgow too. The unique ‘graze and play‘ feature at Genting helps people to get their hands on bar food while enjoying their favourite games. They have some delectable food options within their Cantonese and Chinese food restaurant. The casino offers 10 electronic gaming machines and 17 tables to play. 

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City 

Want to play at odd times! this casino is open 24/7 for the game lovers.

Largest amongst the Grosvenor trio in Glasgow, the Merchant City offers 50 electronic games machines and 20 tables, which includes HD slots and electronic roulette. Being well-established, the place continually holds poker tournaments and cash games in the right spirit of the game and its lovers.

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat 

The Riverboat edition of Grosvenor is the perfect representation of the ‘class’ that the game is known to represent. This beautiful and elaborate casino is designed as a Mississippi riverboat and is located on a riverfront property. The place offers 20 electronic gaming machines and 10 tables. Although they do not have any tournament or cash poker games on offer, the players can enjoy baccarat, three-card poker, electronic roulette, and table Texas Hold’Em variations. 

Cotton Club Underground Casino


Talk about class; a casino in the Corinthian Club is the place to go. 

Glasgow hosts many well-established and big chains of casinos. But few of them are a sole retreat to the players. Cotton Club Underground Casino has been styled as a Casino in the 1920s with a unique touch of class. 

The building is stunning, with five floors of restaurants and bars. However, the basement floor is where the gamblers enjoy most. The place offers private poker tables, roulette, blackjack, and numerous slots machines. 

Additional Tip: 

Online Casinos: The New Trend

There are numerous casinos in Glasgow, where you can play the game physically enjoying the vibe it has to offer. However, there’s this new trend or should we say a platform that sets up to be a great way to relish the game of casino on mobile screens. 

Since Glasgow offers an amazing internet, online casinos and poker rooms are undoubtedly an option to be pondered on, if you’re willing to enjoy the comfort of playing from home. You must know, these online casinos are quite advantageous, as they also offer different types of bonuses and incentives. 

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