Top 5 Boiler Care Plans – Comparison for 2020

boiler care plans

boiler care plans

It’s now the start of a new year and we all could do with saving money on our bills. And avoid any unexpected ones too. 

Many of us don’t think about our boiler until it breaks down. If you want to protect yourself from the cost of boiler breakdowns and call outs, boiler care plans can help. Having a boiler care plan in place can help to prolong the life of your boiler and could even help to keep your warranty intact. Read on to discover the top 5 boiler plans you can buy in the UK. 

What is a boiler care plan?

A boiler care plan is like an insurance policy for your boiler. You will pay a set monthly fee and this will cover you in the event something goes wrong with your boiler. Boilers can be unpredictable and they can also be expensive to repair. Many boiler care plans will cover the cost of getting your boiler repaired, including the parts and labour.

Do I need a boiler care plan?

If you want some reassurance that you won’t be left in the cold, then a boiler care plan can help. Boiler care plans are ideal for those on a fixed income who might struggle to manage the unexpected costs of a boiler repair. They are also ideal for landlords, as this will prevent boiler repairs from eating into your profit.

Read on to discover the top 5 boiler plans available and how you can make the most of these offers.


YourRepair was founded by plumbers, so you know that the people running things behind the scenes will have a firm grasp of how the boiler repairs process works. They have a network of Gas Safe registered engineers throughout the UK, so you can be confident you’re broken down boiler will be dealt with swiftly. It can be within a few hours, for emergency repairs (uncontrollable water leaks). Or averagely within 24hrs for loss of heat or hot water. The best part about the coverage from YourRepair is that you can secure a fixed price for 3 years, which means your premium won’t go up if you have to make multiple claims. 

They also offer a range of plans from the basic boiler coverage, right up to full home emergency cover. This means you would be covered for anything from a broken down boiler to a flooded kitchen. They also specialise in landlord cover and can offer coverage for one or multiple properties. 

And perhaps best of all, their coverage plans all include an annual boiler service, so you can be confident that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible. Getting your boiler serviced every year is a great way to ensure that it doesn’t break down in the first place.


HomeServe offers a range of home cover options, including cover for your entire central heating system and plumbing. They have over 1.8 million customers throughout the UK, so you know you’ll be in good company.

You can choose your level of coverage and this spans from simple boiler coverage, right up to complete home care. This covers everything, including your whole central heating system, electrics and roofing. It also covers pest infestations, so you won’t be left dealing with mice traps on your own.


For comprehensive cover with a price hike promise similar to that of YourRepair, you can always trust HomeTree. This company offers low-cost boiler cover for homeowners and landlords. Perhaps the most impressive of their claims is that 90% of their emergency claims are dealt within 24 hours. This could offer some reassurance to those who can’t bear to think about life without hot water and heating. 

They also offer a sliding scale of coverage, from simple boiler cover right up to whole-house cover. And finally, they also promise to cover any boiler, no matter its age, so this could be a great option if you’ve struggled to get cover elsewhere.


Corgi is one of the most well-known boiler brands in the UK, so you know you’re in good hands. Like the other options, Corgi offers a sliding scale or coverage ranging from Essential coverage right up to complete coverage. 

With a large network of engineers available throughout the UK, this could be a good option for those living in hard to reach areas. It’s worth noting that around 95% of claims are covered, so there may be some occasions when you don’t get the coverage you need for whatever reason.

If you have recently installed a Corgi boiler, you may want to choose the Corgi coverage to keep everything under the same roof. But remember you are free to shop around the boiler coverage, you don’t have to choose the same company that installed your boiler.


If you want more flexibility in your boiler coverage, you might be interested to learn that 247homerescue offers a 30-day rolling contract which means you aren’t committing to a whole year. 

They offer very cheap plans starting at just £2.47 per month. However, this doesn’t include a lot of the added perks that come with the other plans. For example, this level of coverage will only cover your boiler and it does not include an annual service. It also includes a fairly substantial excess of £95 so it might not offer complete peace of mind. For comprehensive coverage with no excess, you would be looking at £28.99 per month.

247homeresure has over 3000 engineers nationwide, so you can feel pretty confident they’ll have you covered. They also have a first fix rate of over 95%, so you won’t be left waiting around for a solution to your boiler problems for too long.

How do I choose?

When choosing your home boiler cover, it’s important that you don’t focus on price alone. While budget will always be a factor, you could end up paying for coverage that doesn’t provide enough protection. 

Look for a home and boiler care plan that is comprehensive offers a fixed price for multiple years and includes an annual service. This can help to keep your boiler warranty intact and help to diagnose and fix faults before they become a bigger issue. Our top pick is YourRepair, when you weigh out the cost, level of cover and service.