An Analysis Of The New Zealand All Blacks

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The All Blacks were previously known as the actual Rugby World Cup holders (after eight years of absolute dominance) among the sports betting fans. However, this year their side surprisingly lost the throne. Is this the end of an era?

According to experts, they have fallen back to the pack. Still, that doesn’t mean they are going to keep losing in the future. We all know that they will give their best and will eventually get to the top again.

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Before we get into an analysis of the popular team of New Zealand, let’s talk about history. 

Ever since their first match in 1903, the All Blacks have impressed rugby fans across the world. They are the first rugby team to win 500 matches (test matches). They have won 10 of the 16-Tri-Nations trophies and won the Bledisloe Cup for 16 years in a row (from 2003 to 2018).

We can’t forget November 24th, 2013, when New Zealand became the first international team to go unbeaten all season (thanks to the All Blacks) after beating Ireland. Do you remember the last kick of the game when Aaron Cruden decided to take the team to victory, beating Ireland 24-22? According to sports betting commentators, that was legendary.


If you are wondering how this great team managed to lose, there is another side to this story. Yes, we are talking about the final match between the All Blacks and England.  You probably heard the rumors about the All Blacks’ lack of composure and performance, and how it cost the team the Rugby World Cup semifinal. 

Is it because they started cold, or is it because they were hanging on with defense? Or maybe both?

In the end, it didn’t matter. England managed to carry the ball of 602 meters, and that was pretty impressive (compared to New Zealand’s 392 meters). Also, this was the moment that gave them the win.

What should concern the rugby team at this point is the long-term results? The results suggest that their World Cup wins are going to be even harder in the future, which makes things a bit difficult for New Zealand’s favorites. They must show sports fans across the country that they once were the best and are planning to be so in the future.

Many analysts and sports betting professionals such as sbobet now have the feeling that the All Blacks may lift the trophy again next season. For some, the general prediction is that they are going to reach the quarterfinals of the upcoming World Cup. With a competition that is more than just fierce, the All Blacks should use their wide men to take the ball to the line. Taking the ball to the line is their overall strength, a strategy expected from them in the next period.

The upcoming period looks very promising and difficult for the Men In Black. The competition will certainly make things harder, but as we see different pieces of the puzzle connecting, they may stand a chance of winning or at least showing in the finals.