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Suffering from a personal injury that was not your fault can be an extremely stressful and emotional time; it can result in time off work, loss of wages and physical and mental strains. Obviously, you are entitled to compensation as a result of your injury, but often, this can bring about even more anxieties. Don’t let this cause you further distress – follow these useful tips so that you can be prepared should you find yourself in this situation.   

Hire A Solicitor 

If you have decided to put in a claim for your personal injury, then you may find yourself being backed into a corner by intimidating insurance companies who want you to settle your claim outside of court. While it might seem less stressful to settle, remember that these insurance companies don’t have your best interests at heart; their only concern is the persons or person responsible for your injury. This is why it is vital that you hire a personal injury solicitor. When you hire a solicitor to fight for your claim, it takes a lot of the pressure off you and gives you adequate time to recuperate from your injury, while they deal with all the legal jargon. If you have a personal injury solicitor at your side, you are also more likely to win more compensation than you would without one. 

Ask for a medicolegal report

A medicolegal report is a report written by a doctor which is used as evidence for your personal injury case. It is important that you have an expert report for court that details your injuries and aftereffects, as this will help the court determine your amount of compensation. Medicolegal reports are often used in personal injury cases as written testimonies from a health professional, so you need to make sure you or your solicitor asks for one of these. This report will not just take into account your physical injuries, but it will also establish any impacts on your mental health as a result of your injuries. 

Keep a record of financial losses

As mentioned earlier, suffering a personal injury can result in financial loss, which is why you need to keep track of all your lost earnings and send these onto your solicitor. Remember that everything can go towards your claim, whether this be compensation from having to hire a healthcare assistant to come to your home, physiotherapy appointments, loss of use of your vehicle, or housing costs from having to make alterations to your home, such as a ramp or stairlift. 

Remain Professional 

If your case does go to court, then you’re going to need to look your best, and we don’t just mean a new suit. Just because you are the injured party, it doesn’t mean the jury will vote in your favour, so remember to stay calm and listen to what your solicitor tells you. These cases can be incredibly stressful, but you still need to make a good impression and remember that you have a professional fighting your case. As long as you have the evidence on your side, you needn’t worry. By appearing respectful, you will also look more sympathetic and be more likely to receive your compensation in full.