Best running routes in Paisley

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Running is a type of sport that gives you the freedom to choose your routes and train whenever it suits you. It is always a new adventure. Running in nature is a unique experience and it will allow you to focus on yourself, activate all your senses, and feel your surroundings. But be sure to prepare yourself for a race because nature is not easy to concur. Preparing for a race is a process that requires some time, dedication, and training. It will also give you a lot of positive energy, and you will feel satisfied after a good run. 

Training in nature 

The best place to try this adventure are dirt paths run by runners, cyclists and anyone else who enjoys outdoor sports. Experts explain that the reason for this lies in the fact that your body has to adapt to the unexpected elements of the track. Whether it is branches, leaves, gravel, ponds, stones or tree root, you need to quickly adapt to each of these variations when running outside.

While running in nature, you add other exercises to your activity (such as jumping) to overcome those small obstacles. Additionally, you will be less focused on the distance you have run because you are surrounded by nature. This will probably lead to a gradual increase in your endurance. 

Important races and routes

There are numerous routes you can take for your run in and around Paisley. This area offers great parks, stunning scenery and many small villages you can easily explore while you are on your run. For example, if you do 4 loops around Ferguslie Gardens, that will total in a 3K running exercise. There are also two Local Natural Reserves in Paisley, and we are sure you will enjoy exploring them.

10K Road Race and 3K Fun Run

3K Fun Run will take you to the most famous landmarks that are in Town Centre of Paisley. The beauty of this run is that it is suitable for everyone, especially children. The best girls and boys of this race are rewarded with glorious trophies. On the other hand, a reward for finishing first the 10k Road Race is usually a cash prize. This race is also suitable for everyone, no matter their level of preparation.  3K Fun Run and 10K Road Race are one of the main and most visited events in the town. 

Barshaw Park

This park spreads at 55 acres and is the biggest one in Paisley. There are numerous running routes you can take, and explore nature while you exercise. There are various attractions, but ones that may be of use to you are, a BMX park, a beautiful pond that is perfect to have run around, and an outdoor gym. 

Durrockstock Park

This former industrial area is now a beautiful refuge for wildlife. This Local Nature Reserve will motivate you and get you close to nature. You can take a run around the premises or the whole area which is quite stunning. You sure should be encouraged to explore the Park as various routes will lead you to the most amazing habitats there.

Paisley Jogging buddies

You can meet new people and make new friends with your hobby. Running in a group has its advantages. It’s more fun, especially if you don’t have the time for social life. This way you will train – and socialize. Not to be lying, it can be a problem to stick to a workout plan, but if you have a standing deal with someone, you won’t skip even the early morning workouts. 

A great runner has no problems with its regular light workouts, but when it comes to lengths or pace of those workouts, they are easier to endure in a group. So if you’re willing to take a chance on running buddies in Paisley, preparing for a race might just get more fun.