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As you may know, Paisley can be an unpredictable and sometimes unpleasant place when it comes to the weather forecast. Of course, since fashion and weather are so intertwined, this creates a situation in which you simply have to know what to wear and what to bring along when you’re visiting Paisley or any other town in the Lowlands of Scotland. The weather is cool enough to justify having layers, but not cold enough to dress like an Eskimo. On the other hand, there are days during the summer and spring when you might want the option of wearing a t-shirt and some shorts. While the appropriate wardrobe will vary depending on the time of the year as with any other location, here’s a well-rounded guide that should help you stay comfortable and stylish in Paisley year-round:

1. Bring a Comfortable Pair of Designer Shoes

Paisley is a quaint town with plenty of opportunities for local exploration and shopping, so be sure to bring a pair of sneakers at ShoePursuits that will have your feet looking and feeling great. When it comes to high-end footwear that is known for being comfortable, options can seem fairly limited. However, Balenciaga sneakers have earned a reputation for providing thick, padded soles underneath unique shoe designs that have become instantly recognizable. While Balenciagas are also made for men, there certainly an elegantly feminine appeal to their sneaker designs, which have been called the high-heels of sneakers by some fashion pundits. You can take a look at the designs available on SSENSE.

2. Also Bring Boots 

If you only have a pair of sneakers with you, this might wind up being a cause for regret if you run into a particularly rainy or muddy day. Bring some stylish boots along with you on your outings in case a sudden shower creates puddles for you to walk through. There’s no need to go for mountaineering boots or anything too extreme, but a solid pair of mid-height boots with a sturdy rubber sole is definitely a fashion item that you’ll want to have on standby if you’re going to be visiting. 

3. Stick with Long Sleeved Tops

There are very few times in the year when you would rather have your arms exposed than covered in Paisley. If you’re expecting a relatively warm and sunny day, go for a thinner and more airy material but still opt for long sleeves to provide some basic level of protection against wind chill. Opting for light and thin materials will also give you the option of easily rolling up your sleeves without restricting circulation or creating discomfort on your arms. 

4. Jeans are the Safest Bet

If you’re looking for pants that can be worn any day of the year in Paisley, go with a pair of jeans and you probably won’t go wrong. The only time when you might want to opt for shorts, a dress, or a skirt instead would be during the hottest days of summer or spring. Even then, you’d be better off choosing slacks because bouts of cold, windy, and rainy weather can pop up with little warning in Scotland. 

5. Bring a Handbag with a Change of Clothes

If you’re visiting for business purposes or you have another reason for wanting to maintain your image, bringing a small luxury handbag with an extra shirt, pants, and pair of shoes is a great backup to have in place. If you’re going to be depending on public transportation and commuting during your stay, you may want to opt for a rolling luggage carrier instead. It’s better to haul around a change of clothes than to be stuck out in public wearing rained on or muddy shoes and clothes. Some perfect sliders for men are a great option when traveling because they are light weight

6. Coats, Jackets, and Sweaters are Almost Mandatory

Visiting Paisley without at least one coat or jacket is like purposefully asking for an uncomfortable experience. You don’t need anything too thick or heavy, but a typical business-casual coat or sweater is a good minimum to aim for. Due to the contrast between the highs and lows, it’s wise to bring an extra layer, even on days that are projected to be warm and sunny.

7. Don’t Forget Scarfs, Gloves, and Hats

Scarfs, gloves, and hats take up very little space in your luggage carrier and provide an immense amount of comfort. The great thing about scarfs is that they’re easy to match with whatever you’re wearing, so even bringing a few will last you through an extended stay. 

Paisley is Easy to Dress for Once You Know What Kind of Weather to Expect

Paisley’s weather isn’t intolerably horrible, but it does come with enough wind, rain, and cloudiness to make it a place that is worth preparing a wardrobe for. Fortunately, any woman can have a more enjoyable visit by simply heeding the seven tips given above.