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If it looks like CBD products are popping up in every health store, it’s because they are. Cannabidiol has captured our imagination thanks to countless reports hailing its medicinal value. What initially started as a fascination for stoners turned out to be a serious product with potential to shift the way Americans use pharmaceutical drugs. By choosing the premium CBD hemp flower products, many have enjoyed the benefits.

Keep in mind that the U.S. is one of the most stressed out countries in the world – as many as a third of the population struggle with stress and anxiety in a way that reduces their quality of life.

It doesn’t help that we have an unhealthy fondness for drinking. Studies reveal that over 40%of Americans abuse alcohol to the extent that it causes regular hangovers, DUIs, stress, insomnia, and liver diseases.

With so many people in need of a chill pill, it makes sense that CBD hemp flower products are in high demand. There’s even talk of CBD surpassing medical marijuana in sales (by 2020) and considering the fact that cannabidiol products bring in a revenue of 20$ billion a year, it does look like people are becoming aware of their health. A lot of people are also buying wholesale CBD from Essentia Pura

But alcohol isn’t the only drug causing problems for millennial; opioid sales in the U.S. are high by any standards. Millions of people have a destructive love affair with cocaine and methamphetamine – and it’s not like these drugs have any healing power or value to the body and mind; people use them because they them feel great.

It should therefore come as no surprise thatmany have relied on pharmaceutical solutions to stress and anxiety; which involves the highly addictive non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSADs). The problem with using pills like Xanax for long is that they create hormonal imbalances that they sometimes lead to sleep deprivation, low libido, headaches, and many other side effects.

It’s strange to think that a single cannabinoid compound that produces zero buzz can become such a big deal, but it is happening. All you have to do is walk into any health store or a convenience store and there’s a whole array of CBD products for just about everything from skin irritation, nausea, back pain, anxiety, and even PMS.

So is CBD worth all this hype?

Perhaps what makes CBD so popular is the fact that it works for a vast majority of users. Also, medical studies have shown very little concern in terms of side effects, and many of the peopleusing pharmaceuticals to treat pain and anxiety have had problems with the drugs.

CBD works with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS)and as such, the compound doesn’t actually interruptneurological function to generate relief. Instead, it activates specific cannabinoids within the ECS (meaning they are produced naturally in the body) and this allows it to target a wide range of ailments.

The human Endocannabinoid System is connected to just about some of the most essential biological functions including sleep, appetite, pain, and mood; and so by enhancing some of the functions of the ECS, cannabidiol can be used successfully to generate immediate relief from conditions that afflict many people today.

The FDA has already approved the sale of CBD products as long as they are extracted from hemp and not cannabis. This is important because cannabis is still banned in many states, and of course drug tests are a common thing in the corporate world. What makes it unique as a drug is the fact that it doesn’t actually get you high or alter brain function in a way that gives you a buzz. On the contrary, it might actually help you sober up if you have other drugs in your system.

CBD is currently being used to treat addiction (check out this report from CNN) with resounding success. The people using CBD are not looking for a buzz; if that were the case, THC would be the cannabinoid of choice as opposed to cannabidiol. What people want is a treatment that clears up the body and mind and boosts energy naturally – which is interesting because alcohol and opioid sales are still high. Whether these people plan to use CBD and still take other drugs is not clear yet, but it is likely that the younger generation are interested in the idea of using a cannabis compound to restore health, rather than quittingdrugs entirely.

A Recent poll by Gallup found that half of Americans believe that CBD has medicinal value, and a whopping 61% want to see it on the shelves in every drug store. The hemp market, it seems, is still growing and hopefully, it will lead to higher quality of life for many of the people using it.