We are on the mid-year of 2019 and horse racing events within the United States and around the world hasn’t ended yet. Although the biggest horse racing tournament in America which is the Triple Crown Series was recently concluded, there are still other big races that all sports fans should look up to. In fact, there are minor and major horse racing competition happening in some places in America and internationally. 


This horse racing event may either comes as minor or major, but regardless of their size, all bettors are still looking forward to the betting games they can partake. These horse racing events happen all year round and that you should not limit yourself in observing these types of raving. In fact, racing superheroes would want to dive into every racing they know to develop their full talent and skill so when it comes to big races they will be able to make it. 


All horse racing events happening either within the U.S or outside American borders are aired and given high importance. So, if you are one of those bettors who would like to take part in horse racing betting games, here are the upcoming horse racing shows you can look forward during the second half of this year. You can also find this through the website, TVG.com, to have a full guide of all horse racing events. 

June 29, Irish Derby 

The Irish Derby is the equivalent of Ireland’s Epsom Derby. It is a race of three-year-old thoroughbred horses either fillies or colts which will all be competing in the Grade 1 Stakes category. This event will take place in Curragh Racecourse in Kildare, Ireland. Sponsored by the Dubai Duty-Free, the racing field measures 1 mile and around 4 furlongs. This is also the full distance of the race field that every horse racer should complete in running. 

July 27, Queen Elizabeth Stakes and King George VI

This racing event is Great Britain’s most prestigious horse race. It features a flat-open age racing of colts and fillies to honor Britain’s most powerful people which is Queen Elizabeth and King George VI. These two iconic people are leaders of Britain and that they were also once a horse racing fan. 


This racing also features three-year-old thoroughbred which will run a distance of 2,406 meters. This “Race of the Century: in Great Britain is celebrated annually and a lot of spectators and bettors are expected to join the said racing event. This racing is normally done in Ascot Racecourse, one of the biggest racing fields which are found in Ascot, England. 

September  14, St Leger Stakes

This horse racing event was established in the year 1776 and considered as one of the oldest horse racing tournaments in Great Britain. Actually, the St Leger Stakes is the last horse racing event in Britain to be run every year. They have five race classics and St Leger has the longest running distance compared to the other four races. 


The same with other horse racing shows, this is attended by three-year-old fillies and colts which will be running a distance of 2,921. If Belmont Stakes is the final leg of the U.S Triple Crown Series, then St. Leger is also the last and final leg of Great Britain’s Triple Crown showdown. 

October 6, Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe

The  Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe or popularly known as “Arc” is France’s most prestigious horse racing tournament. It comes second in ranking as the most renowned horse racing events in Europe following the Epsom Derby. This race is also considered to be the second in the world of racing as the richest turf existing. 


This is a competition of thoroughbred horses which comes as three years old or older which will run a total distance of 1 ½ mile. This takes place in Longchamp Racecourse, in Paris, France. In fact, this horse racing tournament features the biggest horse racers in the entire world and often attended by colts who are big winners in major racing tournaments. 

November 1-2, Breeder’s Cup 

The Breeder’s Cup is one of the most popular horse racing championships in the United States. It is a yearly event of racing where thoroughbred horse racers will be competing in the Grade 1 Stakes category with the purse prize running around $1million to $6million. The same with the U.S Triple Crown Series, the Breeder’s Cup is often attended by hundreds and thousands of horse racing fans all over the world. 


This year’s edition of the Breeder’s Cup will have a homecoming in Churchill Downs, Kentucky. This two-day event will feature different thoroughbred colts and fillies who will be showing up their true confidence, stamina, agility, power, and strength.