Phishing Protection Made Easy

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Phishing is an effort to get sensitive, personal, and important data and information from a person. Therefore, phishing protection is crucial for your important data. To get protection from phishing, you have to be extremely careful with the data that you share with others. Phishing is usually carried out through spam emails or messages. The cybercriminals use these specialized messages to get valuable information from you which they can use for blackmailing or harming you.

Some Phishing Protection Tips:

Following these simple tips will definitely help you in protection against phishing.

  • Be cautious:

Being extra careful while sharing data and personal information serves as the most significant phishing protection. If you get any distrustful email or message, don’t respond to it, instead delete that message instantly.

  • Don’t click unnecessary links:

Always remember that the best way to protect yourself from phishing is never to click or open any unknown links that you get via emails or messages. If you open suspicious links, there’s a chance that your account may get hacked. Therefore, we recommend that to get phishing protection never open unknown links. 

  • Never enter your personal info in a pop-up:

Another common mistake that most of the people do is entering personal information on random web pages, especially pop-up in windows. Always remember that secure connections never ask for personal information using pop-up windows. So, if you want to protect yourself from phishing never give away your personal data unnecessarily. 

  • Get email phishing protection:

The best way for phishing protection is to get some email phishing protection. There are many good companies that provide phishing protection like phishprotection.com. when you get phishing protection software from such companies, they filter out all suspicious emails that may contain phishing links.

Top Anti-phishing software:

For your convenience, we have jot down some of the best anti-phishing software and software sites.

Infosec IQ PhishSim:

Infosec IQ is an anti-phishing site that acts like a phishing stimulator which trains you with its real-like phishing attack simulations. Because of these stimulations, you can get yourself secure from phishing attacks. It is a cloud-based software that also offers free membership, but the paid version has more perks.   


You can easily get Mimecast anti-phishing software from mimecast.com. Mimecast offers complete and comprehensive cybersecurity for you. Mimecast not only filters and scans your emails but it also provides you protection against malware that you can download from the web. 


Proofpoint is a protection software that protects all the accounts on your server. You can use only one anti-spam software Proofpoint to protect all your employees. You can easily get from Proofpoint from proofpoint.com and enjoy the best anti-spam protection.


Vadesecure is a well-known email security provider. Office 365 supports it and top-notch corporations all over the world use vadesecure as their email security provider. If you want to try vadesecure, you can quickly try their free trial from vadesecure.com. After trying the free trial, you can easily purchase their services as they offer the best Al-based protection against unknown online threats.