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Travel is an activity that’s loved across the globe, but yet, there are some people who dream of jetting off but never do. 


Why? Because they see travel as a luxury activity that they simply can’t afford. 


With that in mind, here are six top tips that will help you cut down those travel costs. 



  • Be flexible 



Flight prices can vary significantly depending on the day and time of year. So if you can, try and be flexible with the dates you’d like to fly. There are plenty of websites like Skyscanner, where you can compare flight prices over a given period (e.g. a month) and then bag yourself the cheapest flight.  



  • Private browsing mode



When you’re looking for flights, accommodation and other holiday products, you’ll probably return to the same websites multiple times. However, some travel sites use cookies to track your visits and inflate the prices each time you visit, to encourage impulse buying. However, by turning on private browsing mode first, you’ll be able to avoid those pesky cookies. 



  • Stay in an apartment 



By staying in a holiday apartment you’ll benefit from having the same facilities as you do at home. But what about saving money? We hear you ask. First, you’ll have a washing machine, so won’t need to fork out on as much new clothing for your holiday. Plus, you’ll have cooking facilities so won’t be tempted to eat out as much. You can search for holiday apartments on Airbnb which has a large selection – they don’t use cookies to hike up the prices either.  



  • Live like a local 



There’s this crazy idea that because tourists’ can afford to go travelling, their pockets are overflowing with cash. This is why you should branch out from the tourist areas (where goods will be extra pricey) and hit up hotspots favoured by locals instead, such as markets and street food stalls. They’re cheaper and by visiting them you’ll also enjoy a more authentic travel experience.  



  • Travel Apps 



No traveller is fully prepared for a cost-effective trip without a good selection of travel apps installed. There’s an app for anything and everything travel related, which means you can save money in a variety of ways. For example, if you download wi-fi finder app Wiffinity, you’ll be able to locate internet hotspots all over the world, and so, limit your mobile data usage and prevent those ridiculous roaming charges. 



  • Pre-book airport parking 



Airport parking is an expense that most people could do without, but when you’ve got heavy luggage to carry, driving is much more convenient than taking public transport. However, if you pre-book airport parking on Sky for East Midlands or any other British airport, you’ll bag yourself a bargain deal.   


So you see, a holiday doesn’t have to be such an expensive undertaking. If you’re smart, shop around and follow these six super tips, you’ll find yourself with plenty of pounds to spare. 


That’s our list! Share your money-saving travel tips in the comments section.