Series and films that bet on the ‘body positive’ and teach us to love our body

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We are accustomed to being bombarded with images of what the perfect body should be like and the protagonists of the movies and television series that we see seem all cut by the same pattern.

And yet, there are exceptions to this rule: television and big screen products that have opted for body positive, diversity and healthy beauty in all shapes and sizes, regardless of what others say.

Muriel’s wedding

Muriel is the most atypical heroine of our selection: a dead little fly that does not seem to really matter to anyone and the ugly duckling obsessed with the great successes of ABBA and getting married in style. But not only is she ignored and mistreated by all members of her family, her best friends treat her like a zero to the left. Until she meets Rhonda and everything changes for Muriel. And we do not mean that she finally gets that dream wedding, she finally has to choose among plus size homecoming dresses, but that our heroine realizes that she deserves to be happy in her own way, free and independent of the juggling of her dominant father.

Pitch perfect

We will find a group of women that is characterized by the diversity of its members, by the diversity of races, sizes, types of beauty, etc.

Betty la fea

It’s hard to fit into society when you do not fit exactly into the mold. But much worse is to work in the industry that is dedicated to manufacture and promote these molds being you the antithesis of the same. And that happens to Betty, who gets a job as assistant to the editor of a glamorous magazine and has to fight against the prejudices and ridicule of a tremendously superficial world. The series was canceled some time ago, but if you need to see how a dreamy woman with willpower triumphs over everything and all the people who laugh at her for her physical appearance, it is your choice.


Tracy’s extra kilos do not bother her to dance like anyone else or to aspire to be part of the dance corps of her city’s most famous show: The Corny Collins Show. And not only gets everything that is proposed but also becomes the most popular girl on the show, despite the attempts of the producer (brilliantly played by Michelle Pfeiffer) to fire her to make her daughter the star. Tracy is a great example and when they try to push her away from what she wants, or ridicule her, she does not back down and fight for what she thinks is fair.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After being rescued from an apocalyptic sect in Indiana, Kimmy has to adapt to her new life in New York and, well, to the 21st century in general, which gives rise to a lot of hollow situations. We love the lessons that the protagonist receives from his roommate, Titus Andromedon, a frustrated actor but overflowing with self-esteem and ability to get ahead by himself. Not to mention that he gives some great advice.

The above films teach us that whatever our body size is, it doesn’t matter as long as we remain confident and healthy. For your information, if you are “plus size”, we recommend that you buy your dresses at JJ’s House. So many choices and at affordable prices. Anyway thank you for reading!