Gavin Newlands MP

Renfrewshire can help Scotland lead the world in phasing out pollution and phasing in electric vehicles – but only if Westminster gets out the road.

Gavin Newlands MP

Paisley and Renfrewshire North MP, Gavin Newlands, made the call as Parliament debated the UK Government’s lack of progress on phasing out new diesel and petrol cars and replacing them with electric cars powered by renewable energy.

With nearly 1,000 public charging points, and another 1,500 points in the pipeline, Scotland is investing in low-carbon, renewable-powered electric vehicles, with the UK’s first ever electric trunk road taking shape along the A9.

Scotland’s near neighbour Norway now leads the world in electric car use, with a majority of new cars powered by electricity, a global first.

Renfrewshire will see dozens of new charging points installed in the future as Scotland aims to be the world’s first carbon-neutral country.

Gavin said:

“The UK Government approach to electric vehicles is stuck in first gear, while in Scotland we are in the fast lane and accelerating fast.

“Climate change is the biggest threat our society faces, and the Scottish Government’s world leading carbon reduction targets are part of how we must tackle this threat.  Electric vehicles show that cutting our carbon emissions doesn’t mean cutting our mobility.

“Already much has been done – but there is a huge amount still to do, and the First Minister’s declaration that we are facing a climate emergency highlights the need for investment across the board.

“Scotland’s parliament needs the full powers that Norway has used to great effect to make huge progress in this field – and ensure we aren’t left at a red light waiting for a Westminster Government with their foot on the brake”.