Guidelines On How Brides Can Help Their Moms Look For Their Outfit

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In the past, the mother of the bride dresses were matured outfits. Sometimes, it’s beige or pastel. But today, they can wear whatever color they want and are free to express their style. Indeed, it can be overwhelming to determine the dress for the mother of the bride with various choices in the market today. 

As such, in this article, you will learn some pointers from the experts. With this, you can be assured that the process will be seamless and hassle-free before your wedding. Whether you’re the bride or the future daughter-in-law who is helping your mom, in this article, you can gain new knowledge on how to search for the perfect look. 

Help your Mother with the Shopping 

Always follow the wedding’s style, hue, and level of formality for the mother of the bride dresses. You and your groom are setting the tone of this big day. You can choose to have a casual country theme, beach wedding, or formal affair. Your mother has an important role in the event and she must play that part accordingly. Always guide your mother with her shopping and follow the wedding style. 

Follow the Wedding Hues 

It is a tradition that the dress of the mother of the bride must complement with the event’s colors. As such, it is best that you determine first the dresses of your bridesmaids before shopping the dress of your mom. Try if you can have a sample of the fabric of the bridesmaid’s dresses. Take this with you during dress shopping for your mom. Indeed, this will be helpful in harmonizing the colors. 

If you choose to skip having uniform dresses for the bridesmaids, then you can ask them to provide their individual outfits that have a similar shade to your wedding. If you are planning to have your bridesmaids wear black dresses, choose something grey or silver from JJ’s House for your mom. Meanwhile, if your bridesmaids are wearing cobalt blue, then you should make your mom wear a navy blue dress. 

According to experts, you must avoid making your mom wear the same color as your dress. Indeed, you as the bride deserve to look stunning. This is your big day and you must be the star of the event. 

Dress in accordance with the Venue 

In the past, the mother of the bride dresses used to look like a uniform. It is always a cocktail jacket which is worn above the dress. But today, anything can be worn as long as it is appropriate for the venue. For example, you can’t wear a strapless dress in the church; however, you can wear it at the beach wedding. But if you want to make that strapless dress from JJ’s House appropriate for the church, just put it with a wrap or jacket which matches the dress. 

Moreover, see to it that you consider the religious and cultural traditions when you buy your mom’s outfit. Whatever be the type of wedding that you have planned, always consider your wedding venue as well.