The SNP has urged the UK government to draw a line under a “dismal decade” of failed and toxic immigration and asylum policies, The SNP used their Opposition Day debate to highlight the many failures of the Tories immigration.
Gavin Newlands MPThe SNP has consistently called for a fundamental change in the approach to immigration with policies based on evidence, human rights and fairness; a recognition of the contribution made by migrants to Scotland and the UK’s economy, society and culture; as well as a recognition that a migration policy that works for the whole of the UK will require different policy solutions for different parts of the UK, particularly given Scotland’s demographic and economic profile.

Gavin Newlands SNP MP said: “In the Immigration Acts of 2014 and 2016, we have seen an effort to prevent people from accessing basic services such as employment, healthcare and education. We have witnessed a Home Secretary become Prime Minister and knowingly take a cruel and entirely unnecessary approach towards immigration. If we listened to the Government, we would think the immigration process is straightforward, but many people are unable simply to leave, as the Government might lead us to think. More often than not, the Government’s policies have meant that the most vulnerable in society, often women, are disproportionately suffering. The SNP will continue to seek devolution of immigration powers so that Scotland can have a humane immigration policy that works for our economy and society.”


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