Rental Services You’ll Need to Launch a Trade Show

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Planning a trade show requires a lot of work, creativity, and resilience. The amount of effort that goes into any trade show will determine its success. One aspect you need to keep in mind when organizing a trade show is the rental services. The furniture, including selfie frames and all other equipment, will need to be sourced from reliable providers. Here are some of the rental services you will utilize when hosting a successful trade show. 

Transport Services

Transport services are one of the most important aspects of hosting a successful trade show. If you are hosting a trade show, the equipment you will use has to get to its destination in time. A good transportation service should include booth assembly and dismantling. It can be time-consuming and end up in a disaster if you will have to coordinate the booth assembly on your own. Look for a comprehensive service that will do it for you as an add-on instead of an extra service that you pay for. This way, you have time to prepare for other aspects of your trade show. Ideally, you should find a partner a few months before the trade show is set to start. 

Audio Visual Rental Equipment

Audiovisual equipment is important if you are planning to engage the audience at a trade show. It ensures they can hear presentations and see them as well. Look for a partner that uses leading-edge technology to create sponsorship opportunities, which can help to offset the costs. The sponsors want to ensure that they are visible and the right equipment can help to convince them to participate. 

The partner you choose should deliver the equipment in good time to ensure it is tested and that you understand how it works. Besides that, it should be customizable to ensure that it serves all your needs before the event starts. A large inventory is a good sign they are reliable. They must be able to offer you all conceivable equipment including tablets, monitors, sensitive microphones, and large audio systems. 

Webcasting Rental Service

Webcasting equipment can help you expand the reach of your tradeshow to an international scale. A good rental service will come with technicians and resources to cover every need you have. They should be able to cover a virtual meeting from one location or from tens of locations within the venue at once. The equipment should also be reliable indoors, such as in a hotel, outdoors, and offices. In the end, it is about ensuring the audience watching have a smooth and engaging experience. 


A lot goes into creating an engaging and smooth webcast. Everything from the initial survey of the site to testing every technical detail should be handled professionally. Besides that, there should be a contingency plan in place in case things do not work out. 

Furniture Rental Service

Just as with any successful trade show, the details determine its success. One of the most important aspects is furnishing the booths. The furniture that you use during the trade show should correlate to the goals you have. If your objective is to get people to stay, then the furniture needs to have large inviting spaces with seating that entices them to sit and relax. If you have a goal of creating a business-like setting chairs and conference tables will accomplish that. 

Besides that, you might want to create an interactive experience. To achieve this, you can use selfie frames like this: https://www.expocart.com/gb/buy/exhibition-furniture/selfie-frames. Young people today are looking to have a fun and engaging experience. When they share their selfie frame pictures on social media, it could help to boost brand recognition. A fun exhibition is also a nice way to have an edge over the competition. There are many trade shows being organized and you have to fight for recognition. A simple selfie frame can help you to achieve this. It might even encourage more people to take part in your tradeshow next time since it looks so trendy.

Boring furnishing will stick out but stylish furniture selected to complement the display will play an important role in creating a branded look. Always pick a company with a huge selection of furniture, this way, you will not regret when you have already made the down payment. 


While many other rental services are needed to hold a trade show, the above should always be given special attention. When choosing a company, choose one with a record of reliability.