Why Your Website Needs To Be A Simple One

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If you have a business, having a website is a must and something that you should organise as close to the start (preferably before you launch) as possible. Some websites are incredibly complicated, with lots of different pages and a variety of menus and sub-menus. This is just not necessary. In fact, having a simple website, no matter what you might need to use it for, is always the best idea; here are some of the reasons why.


Focus Your Customers

If people are coming to your website to find what they need that is a great start. However, if, when they get there, they are distracted by all the fancy graphics and all the different options that are presented to them, the customer might never actually get round to buying what they came there for.


To truly focus your customers, put them first, and keep them moving towards their goal of buying something (and your goal of selling something) a simple website is best. Something that guides them to where they need to be and offers them an easy checkout is much better than something that looks good but is not easy to use.


Fewer Updates

As well as being suitable for your customers, a simple website is also good for you. It means that there is a lot less to update, and you won’t have to change how your site looks quite so often either to keep up with whatever trends happen to be around. A clean, simple website will be classic and timeless, so no matter what other sites might be doing, yours will never look out of date which can have a detrimental effect on your company’s reputation.


At times, updating your website will be important – you might need to do it for security reasons or to change prices, or perhaps you have a branding change and need your site to match – which is why it is essential to choose a good hosting service. Onyx is a prime example of a service that is easy to use and can respond quickly when need be.


Faster Loading

Although a complicated, flashy (maybe even literally if Flash is involved) website might look impressive, it isn’t going to make the user experience a better one, and it won’t be long until this is discovered. Lots of images and videos on a site can make it slower to load, and when everyone is so busy and impatient, this could just be too slow. Your customer might get tired of waiting – even if only for a few seconds – and move on to the next site which loads faster and still offers them what they want.


The quicker your website loads up, the calmer and happier your customers will be. Make the buying process as simple as possible, and they will return, and even tell others about the good experience they had, and this is priceless marketing. Not only is word of mouth marketing free, but it boosts your reputation too.