Online casinos are immensely popular in the UK and Australia. Unfortunately, some players don’t know the best strategies for playing and winning slots. Still, others place maximum stakes hoping they will yield greater returns. This post will describe five effective strategies that players can use to improve their chances of winning.

Grab Free Spins & Offers

Whenever you sign up with a new online casino especially for bast utdeling, chances are you’ll get no deposit bonuses. So take advantage of free spins to kick start your online gaming. Many online slots sites are generous with regards to bonuses and offers.


That’s not the case with traditional roulette where players have to hop from casino to casino to find a bonus. And even if they do, you will find the wagering requirement to be ridiculously high.


The Prime Slots UK site offers new players up to 100 free spins. That’s just one among a long list of Australian and UK casino with mouthwatering offers. So should you come across online slots that have bonus offers, grab everything you can and use them to your advantage.    

Choose the Right Games

With so many games available, it’s easy for a new player to get overwhelmed or carried away by emotions when playing slots online. You’ll find games with different levels of variance. The games that you choose will depend almost entirely on your playing style or habits.


Some games will be low, some medium, while others are high. Low variance games pay out regularly but the win amounts are small. Medium variance slots come with a good number of small wins and some larger wins too. High variance games come with life-changing wins, but payouts and far and few in between. So you may have to wait longer to get a win, but if it comes, it’s going to be really big.


Go for the low variance online slot in case you have a limited bankroll that you want to wager in bits or just want the reassurance of smaller but regular wins. On the other hand, go for large bankrolls if you enjoy slot online with higher variance or if you don’t mind waiting for a longer period for that big win.


Set a Staking Plan

You’ll need more than guts or instinct to win with online pokies in Australia and beyond. That’s where a staking plan comes in. It will help you with bankroll management. This is something that many players struggle with. Without a sound staking plan, you’re bound to squander your bankroll wins.


Plans can be fixed or variable. A fixed waging plan is good for you if you intend to bet the same amount for every game. On the other hand, a variable staking plan lets you wager a varying amount from time to time. Lest we forget, risks are also part and parcel of online casinos.


So your plan won’t just help you manage your bankroll but manage risks as well. For instance, you can create a reward versus trade off that suits your wagering needs. If you’re a risk taker, choose a high-risk and reward, but if you’re averse to it, a lower risk and reward tradeoff will work for you.

Play Online Slots that are Worth It

Online slots come in all shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of them with thousands of games, whose names you may never fully grasp. And just in case you’re wondering how they came about, read this article  to see how they became a big hit on the internet.

With that hindsight, you should now be well aware that not all online slots are worth your time. So don’t waste time wagering on slots that aren’t tried and tested. Identify and play slots with trusted online casinos. Check reviews online to see what players have to say about them.

Retain your Wins

Gambling is meant to be a fun pass time, but some make a mockery of it by wagering all their wins. The rule is to keep as much of your winnings as possible. In other words, quit while you’re on a winning streak. The temptation to spin a second or third or a fourth time is high because you’re thinking you’ll maintain your wins. But you’re going to lose and unfortunately, that’s what every online slot just wants you to do.