Neil Bibby MSP is backing calls at Holyrood for an increase in Carers Allowance. Mr Bibby has said that the Scottish Parliament could use its new welfare powers to reverse welfare reforms and ensure the Carer’s Allowance and the Carer’s Supplement will be uprated in line with the higher Retail Price Index (RPI) instead of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

That would see carers in Paisley receiving a boost in their incomes to better keep pace with the rising costs of living. The Scottish Parliament Information Centre shows that uprating by RPI would leave 82,000 carers better off. This week in a vote at the Scottish Parliament the SNP failed to back the call.


Neil Bibby MSP said:

“82,000 carers are being short-changed and that needs to change. For years the Scottish Government have said they will deliver a social security system based on dignity and respect but unfortunately they have failed to reverse the pernicious change in uprating from RPI to CPI.

“Day-in, day-out carers in Paisley work tirelessly to care for their loved ones but since 2010, they have lost out on almost £1000 because of the switch to CPI – a loss which gets worse every year. Uprating in line with RPI would see a modest increase in Carers Allowance but taken over time those cumulative rises would add up and leave carers in a stronger position.

“It’s disappointing the SNP failed to back Labour’s call this week and voted against our proposals. The Scottish Parliament has the powers to take a different path, to show that social security is an investment in the people of Scotland, and to give carers the support they need.”


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