Today during Prime Ministers Questions local MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South Mhairi Black asked the Prime Minister if she thought it was appropriate that one of her constituents had been sent away from an ESA medical assessment and made to arrange a new appointment.

mhairi black

The SNP MP said to the Prime Minister –

“My constituent arrived early to her assessment as requested by her assessors only to be told she would have to wait another 90 minutes to be seen. Now she has an open wound so sitting for any amount of time causes her great distress and pain. So after her 90 minute wait she was then told she would not be seen and would have to make another appointment altogether and I believe this is happening right now.

So does the Prime Minister think that it’s right that my constituent has to go through this humiliating process all over again?”

Prime Minister Theresa May replied –

“Can I say to the honourable lady obviously she has raised what sounds like a very distressing individual case, I will ensure the appropriate Minister writes to her about it.”

Those who claim Employment Support Allowance have to go for medical assessments. These assessments have been criticised widely as being unfair and demoralising for claimants in the past.

Mhairi Black MP said –

“The Prime Minister’s response to my constituent was insincere. I am sure my constituent will welcome the letter from the Minister apologising for this error however I do not believe a letter makes up for yet another horror story form the DWP. A letter from a Minister does not give my constituent the time and stress back that this horrible ordeal has caused her.

“If the solution to issues such as this is letters of apology from Ministers then I am afraid the Minister will be writing letters for a long time to come. This austerity obsessed Tory government goes from one low to the next without remorse.”


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