When you are a student, you always have a whole bunch of things to do. Even when you barely sleep and constantly do something, even when you seem to know what is urgent and what is not. When did the moment come when you started losing time and failed to cope with everything? How to be a student who is not looking for time to sleep and rest? In this article, we will try to figure out how to manage your time correctly by giving you some time management tips so that life does not seem so tense anymore.


Write down all your plans


You can’t remember everything. Perhaps at the very beginning of your student life, it seems to you that each detail of your schedule is not crucial and you can recollect the necessary info easily. But this is only at the very beginning, beyond all affairs there will be only more and more, and we should be ready for this. Therefore, make a habit of writing down every detail that requires your attention in your planner, notebook, smartphone, or laptop. The sooner you start doing this; the less is the chance that you will miss an important event or the moment when things really get terrible. Keeping everything under control and understanding what is time management is a very important skill. After all, if you cannot control such an important aspect of your life like time, how are you going to work effectively in the future?



You don’t have to do everything at once. This is the main problem of people who want to be effective but do not understand what is going wrong. After all, they are so diligently working on all the tasks they have, they have everything written down and right in front of them lies a to-do list for today. The problem is that everything needs to be approached step by step, so do not even try to do everything in one day. You must be able to correctly calculate your effectiveness depends on many factors. Not only how long will this or that task take, but also your level of fatigue, motivation, urgency, volume, and your ability to do any other task after that. Evaluate not only the complexity of the task, but also your own effectiveness based on your fatigue, mood, and motivation. Indicate cases by level of importance and at the very beginning of the day when you still have the strength to make the most urgent and most difficult of them. This will help you save energy for other smaller tasks and save you from burning deadlines that literally follow every student almost all student life. Also, if you want to save your energy google «write my essay» or click the link and give it a chance.

Plan your rest


Yes, we live in such a time when because of all our affairs, we not only do not have time to rest but do not even have time to plan our rest. How exactly do you want to recuperate? Maybe near the pool? Take a nap on the couch or read a book? Or maybe you want a full eight-hour sleep that will bring you back to life after a hard week? Do not think that you will rest as soon as you finish. Plan it and act on your plan. Many people do not understand this, and therefore they cannot answer the question when they last normally rested. A good rest is the same important part of life as everything else, so it needs to be planned like all other things. In addition, it greatly affects your health and your level of efficiency. So, it directly affects your success in college or at work. Since you cannot always ask someone to “write for me” your tests, essays, exams, you should only rely on yourself.

By following these simple rules, you can increase your activity and keep up with more. You will not miss anything important, and you will not wake up from nightmares about missed deadlines and failed exams. Focus on planning, and you will not need to focus on memorizing a whole list of various trivia from homework to shopping in the store. After all, planning can be used not only in school but also in any other aspect of your life. Free time, plan things, load yourself to the maximum and be an effective manager for yourself.