Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has called on Renfrewshire Councillor and former MP who lost his seat in 2015, Jim Sheridan, to immediately resign his position. This follows misogynistic language used on Facebook that compares the Scottish Government’s provision of local government finance to rape. Newlands has pointed out that these comments are insulting to survivors of rape and sexual abuse. If Sheridan does not resign himself, Newlands has called on Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard to kick him out of the party.

Gavin Newlands MP

Controversially, Sheridan was re-admitted to the Labour party following anti-Semitic comments that have been describes as ‘hurtful’ by the Jewish community. His re-admission was less than a month ago, and comes as Labour is embroiled in an anti-Semitism scandal which has resulted in MPs leaving Labour.

Newlands has campaigned against sexual assault and rape as part of his support for the White Ribbon Campaign against Gender-Based Violence. The MP  After learning of Councillor Sheridan’s post, Newlands condemned his comments:

“Councillor Jim Sheridan’s latest outburst is quite frankly disgusting and beneath contempt. It is an Inexcusable statement from anyone, let alone an elected local representative and former MP.

Councillor Sheridan’s re admittance to the Labour Party following his shameful comments about the Jewish community was in my opinion, an outrageous decision. An opinion which is shared with many members in his own Renfrewshire labour council group and many high profile members of the Labour Party across the UK.

Councillor Sheridan is entitled to his own views on local government finance, but to reference rape in describing a council budget is callous degrading and deeply misogynistic.

This language is diminishing of the suffering of survivors and victims of gender-based violence and is indefensible!

If Councillor Jim Sheridan had any decency he would resign as a Councillor but failing this, Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard should show leadership and kick him out of the party for go


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