5 Spots in Paisley That Every Nerd Will Love

Paisley has something for everyone, including the geeks and the eggheads. If you’re a major nerd, be it in the form of comic books, history, TV fandom, or gaming, this town most definitely has you covered. If geeking out over the medieval architecture isn’t enough for you, there are plenty of off-the-radar spots for you and your travelling companions to get the daily geek fix. Here are five places in Paisley that every nerd will love. 

Paisley Thread Mill Museum

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Paisley will, of course, be aware of the town’s history as a global centre for garment manufacturing. The famous Paisley design that continues to be used on wallpapers, ties, shirts, and scarves owes its name to the town and the fascinating Paisley Thread Mill Museum is where all history nerds can go to get the lowdown. Despite being a highly specific museum, visitors can easily spend an entire afternoon in this sprawling Victorian warehouse, learning all about the trade that left its biggest mark on the area. 


If you’re a gaming nerd, be it for vintage arcade games, slot machines, or some old-school pinball wizardry, then PrizeStation, located in Intu Braehead, is the place for you to be. This sprawling arcade is every game lover’s fantasy, with hundreds of games of every describable genre. If you fancy hitting up the retro slot machines, even the most dedicated gaming fanatic will want to get some practice in first if you want to stand a chance. The popularity of slot games is growing, and this helps explain PrizeStation’s appeal. Online gaming operators are seeing an increase in the number of players and, in turn, are offering a great number of titles – for example, the Mr Green Android app houses over 300 games, including old-school fruit machines and slots. It’s clear that this kind of game is a popular choice.

Comicrazy Cafe 

If your idea of a geeky good time is engrossing yourself in all of the latest comic books, merch, and trading cards, then the independent Comicrazy Cafe has you covered. This adorable and colourful little spot on Sneddon Street is open to all, and even hosts gaming events most nights of the week, be it Warhammer, Final Fantasy or Pokemon. It’s also a vintage collector’s paradise, so make sure to bring along plenty of cash to splurge with.

Coats Observatory 

The foreboding Coats Observatory is the oldest public observatory in Scotland. It’s the ideal place to go if you’re either a history nerd looking to take in the steampunk atmosphere inside or an astronomy nerd who plans to do a little bit of stargazing. Visit the planetarium to spend an afternoon with your friends lying back and taking in the wonders of the galaxy and make sure to get some good Instagram photos while you’re at it. 

Game Centre 

If you’re a true gaming fanatic who needs to get your hands on the rarest, most hard-to-find titles, then the independent Game Centre, located inside the Paisley Centre, is the place to go. They stock thousands of vintage and contemporary games from all consoles, all at knock-down prices, so you’ll have no trouble finding the video games you need. 

A town with such an eccentric history as Paisley is naturally going to be a magnet for geeks, which is part of what makes this town truly special.