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Belize, Central America

A strip of sandy beach perfect for burying a chest with pirate treasures, several hundred coconut trees, a pair of huts is what you expect to see in such a beautiful place as Tobacco-Reef Island, which is part of Belize. All of the most important things are hidden in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. So don’t forget to grab your equipment for snorkeling. A walk along the coast of this atoll will take just a few minutes, but the magnificent barrier coral reef, which is a local landmark, extends far beyond the limits of visibility, as it is part of the world’s second largest barrier reef. If rest in paradise will get boring, you can get to the neighboring Goff Reef, which is smaller.

Kuna Yala, Panama

The Kuna Yala Archipelago, also known as the San Blas, is located in the Caribbean, off the coast of Panama. This semi-autonomous territory is inhabited by the Kuna aborigines. The islands that make up the archipelago are often nothing more than small palms that grow on a small piece of white sand. Some of the islands are inhabited. This modest, natural beauty peacefully coexists with aboriginal shacks. Beach holidays here can be varied with tours to local villages, where women are still dressed in sophisticated traditional dresses. Before taking a photo, don’t forget to ask if the locals are OK with that. Also, vacationers can feel themselves like Robinson Crusoe by visiting any of the uninhabited islands.

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Ilha Grande, Brazil

Even members of the royal family do not have the right to ride a car through the local territories. Access to transport is prohibited in the Brazilian Ilya Grande which is covered with rain forests. This tropical island is designed for a quiet and simple life. You can spend evenings here in one of the beach restaurants, enjoying meals from freshly caught fish. During the day, one of the entertainments can be almost a three-hour walk to the picturesque beach of Lopez-Mendez, which has preserved almost pristine natural purity.

Koh Tarutao, Thailand

The word “Tarutao” comes from the Malay language and is translated as mystical or simple. Koh Tarutao is an island in the Andaman Sea, framed by magnificent beaches. The rainforests in the depths are inhabited by venomous snakes and other wild beasts. Thousands of political prisoners once lived here, forced to survive and become pirates during World War II. The remains of the prison have survived to this day. Tarutao is a well-protected national park. You will not find tourist crowds and luxury hotels here. This is a great place to relax in a rustic style. You can reserve bungalows but only in three zones for guests of the island. Each has its own restaurant, which serves simple Thai food. Be sure to check out for all of your travel-related news!

Heron Island, Australia

Many tropical islands boast beautiful, azure-colored ocean waters, white sand, and palm trees swaying in the wind, but most of them seem to have come from some postcard. Heron Island is not like that. It is located at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef and is far removed from the Australian Queensland. There are all the characteristics of a tropical paradise but with one exception – there is still wildlife here. Herons, terns, thin-necked petrels, whales, sharks, turtles, and other fauna are the main inhabitants of the island. Their life flows before the eyes of anyone who visits the island. is a great website dedicated to travel. Be sure to give it a try and find the best places for traveling right now!

The number of tourists is limited and strictly controlled: the surrounding nature is extremely sensitive to any changes. So, a small island, 800 meters long and 300 meters wide, is never crowded. Guests stay in wooden beach bungalows. There is only one restaurant on the Heron Island, but there are excellent opportunities for diving and snorkeling.