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The United Kingdom is a land of mélanges and miscellanies. 64 million people, give them the credit to at least have 64 different things, shedding British stereotypes and being an important and powerful nation, with equally important nationals. Think beyond the red telephone booths, black taxis and bowler hats, because it is time to break the ice on British stereotypes.


They are all white-skinned Englishmen: The United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland, Welsh, Scotland and England. So no, not all people there are white, not everyone is light haired, and no one looks the same.

  • Excessive indulgence in cricket: Although, the sport of cricket originated and became popular during the British empire; trust the Brits enough to have found other interests and more so in football, snooker and rugby.
  • The loyals to the royals: Yes they love their nation, and yes Britain has had a legacy of royals and their relatives, but no. No, they are not all cousins to the throne, nor are they mates. The population is 64 million. It is not one big fat family.
  • The British are rude or do not show emotions: Long gone are the days when British wouldn’t share their emotions, it was the Victorian era. They are more empathetic, sympathetic and welcoming to the world and its people than ever.
  • Dental problems of them all: The dental care system came later in Britain than the US and Germany, but now, its stands at par and most people enroll at an early age for care. Thus, there are lesser ‘horrible’ teeth, as it is believed. And with so many dental options like braces and aligners available, everyone can have great looking teeth. Aligners.co.uk has many UK teeth aligner reviews to go by in case you’re deciding on getting aligners yourself.
  • Rainy weather and small talks: The weather in the UK is unpredictable. If it is humid in the day, there chances it will rain in the evening and hence rains come up as a topic in most conversations. However, just like anywhere in the world, this might just be an opener. And it does rain more in Greece, which is in the same continent.
  • Warm beer servings: The reason the beer which finds its roots in Britain itself is served warm is to give its drinker an exquisite taste, texture and complexity. To serve the people the best way possible.
  • Culinary skills in the UK: It is often believed that British have dull food. But what goes unnoticed it that the nation has more than a 100 Michelin star restaurants, and serves the food variety of major ethnicities of the world.
  • The language and the slang: Since, we have established the diversity of the nation. It is easy to say, that every few turns, the language and the slang change from welsh to Scottish. Even the dances and dresses change, and the bakery items and their recipes.
  • The global impact of the UK: people believe it to have gotten less, but with the Brexit, the economy shook. The world still is in awe of the Beatles, David Beckham, and the writings of Shakespeare.

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