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10000hours CIC Update

Good afternoon,

Well I hope a number of you are now (or by the time you read this) are on your way back from the 135th Year Strip Launch at JD sports, Braehead.

By way of update we are still receiving pledges and will announce a public sign up session and Q & A night for all those who have not been able to engage with the process online, so when you see the date advertised in the PDE please let your friends and family know who may want to attend

We have also had a number of people pledge more than the minimum £10 per month.

I wanted first of all to thank those who have and to ask everyone else to consider what they are able to pledge.

I absolutely do not want anyone pledging any more than they can afford and understand the tough financial times that many are facing and do not in away wish to belittle the £10 per month that over a 1000 people have already pledged, but if you wish to pledge any more then please simply send an email back to me with the value and we can make the adjustment to your pledge.

Remember you can also make a one off donation of any value and any money you give will be proportionately credited to you at a future date by way of the amount of share equity you will own in the St Mirren Fans Cooperative.

If anyone has any questions then please feel free to contact me.


On Behalf of 10000hours CIC

The St Mirren Fans Cooperative