Neighbourhood Blight Resolved

One of paisley.org.uk‘s Volunteers was recently approached by a neighbour to sign a petition to clear up the mystery of why the waste ground at Killoch Road and Candren Road was constantly flooding and causing residents concern about the health and safety of their children.

The residents have, over the previous 7 years, contacted the local labour councillor who has done nothing to resolve the issue despite several complaints and pleas by the residents.

Our paisley.org.uk volunteer asked his neighbour to leave it with him and he in turn contacted Cllr Kenny MacLaren and asked him to investigate

Mr MacLaren has kept in Constant Contact with us and kept us up to date with progress.

Within 4-6 weeks the waste ground has been cleared and the problem identified and we look forward to the issue being fully resolved.

Constant complaints about flooding on waste-ground in the Ferguslie area of Paisley prompted a council investigation, but no-one could find the source of the problem.

It was finally discovered that rising waters were down to water mains in demolished houses which should have been disconnected but had been left on.

Local councillor Kenny MacLaren said: “It looks as if we now know the source of the flooding problem, it’s just a shame that officers weren’t given the right information to begin with.”

Previous investigations had not identified the source of the flooding on waste ground at Candren Roadbut it has now emerged that earlier complaints directed council officers to investigate the wrong spot.

Finally, after a site investigation, it was found that two stopcocks – linked to properties demolished seven years ago – in a grassed area just off the footpath of Candren Roadwere in the ‘open’ position.

They have now been closed and further work is to be carried out to make sure there are no more unused links to the mains system.

Councillor MacLaren added: “Due to the recent heavy rainfall it was not possible to complete the work to ensure that there are no more service connections contributing to the flooding. Once the ground dries out a bit the mini-digger will be back on site to complete investigations and hopefully, once and for all, the flooding issue will be sorted.

“I would like to thank the residents for their patience.”

A Renfrewshire Council spokeswoman said: “Our engineers carried out a number of site visits and held discussions with local residents.

“The information they gathered from residents highlighted that the problems had affected a wider area.

“Remedial works are under way.”