Paisley Doors Open Day seemed to be a success on Saturday, although it should have been better advertised elsewhere. We seemed to be the only website that didn’t just put a link up to a pdf website (Renfrewshire Council I am looking at you).

Also, the Staff at St Mirin’s Cathedral asked everyone who came through their doors ‘Where did you hear about us having our doors open to the public’, and they all said they had seen it on the Paisley Scotland Facebook Page. Somehow they had been omitted from the brochure and they had put a lot of time, work and effort into preparing for the day. It was a real shame. passed on the information very quickly and we will continue to grow relationships with all community organisations, churches, groups and people to help promote all the excellent things we have going on in our town.

We had our new offices (in the YMCA building) open all day today and our volunteers were dropping in to upload photos and keep people informed of what was going on. The Abbey dig, for instance, asked for our assistance in highlighting what they were doing as no one else had seemed to publicise it, so we sorted that out too!

In the next few days we will upload lots of images into their own gallery, provided by our various photographers who volunteer their time for to help promote the town in a positive manner.

The Gallery below features images from Anne McNair, Ann Crawford and Mags MacGee. Thank you for your excellent photographs.