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Meeting the Demand for a Safe Social Network for Children

Dizeo is the first ever safe, social networking site for children in the UK. All 8 to 16 year
olds across the country are invited to join up and ‘do it with dizeo’. With as many as one
in ten children having been solicited online (1), the fully monitored dizeo site
(www.dizeo.com) aims to make the internet a safer place for the under 16s. Dizeo
provides children with their own online social community, giving them an alternative to
other social networking sites which could potentially put them in danger.

Dizeo o!ers users all the features found in other social networking sites while o!ering
parents piece of mind. Dizeo also comes with the added bonus of professional, online
homework assistance and a range of educational videos teaching users useful real life

Dizeo’s Managing Director Christopher McCann said: “Social networking has grown
massively over the last few years and is now part of everyday life with over 45% of the UK
population using a social networking site. However, despite most social networks having
a minimum age restriction of 13, children as young as 8 are known to be using social
networks. In doing so these children are putting themselves at serious risk. Dizeo’s
priority is online child safety and we’ve specifically designed and developed dizeo to o!er
under 16s a safe alternative to the sites they’re currently being using. Throughout
development we conducted several focus groups with parents, children and education
professionals to ensure dizeo meets the needs of UK families.”

“As well as being a social site to encourage sharing and friendship, we’ve also created
dizeo as an educational tool, providing online homework assistance. At our focus groups
we found this was a much sought after service from both parents and children and so
we’ve recruited a team of subject specialist tutors to assist our users should they need
help with any part of the curriculum. The dizeo tutors are available online from 9am to
10pm every day with professional knowledge across the P4 – S4 curriculum. Our tutors
aim to respond to all homework enquiries within the hour, including help with essays to
helping with maths problems.”

“Dizeo also prepares children for the real world by providing a range of short
instructional videos on subjects from learning to play guitar to avoiding cyberbullying. We
have focused on skills we know children want to learn and we let them upload their own
videos so they can share with friends.”

(1) One in ten children have been sexually solicited online: Cox Communications, US Department of Justice

Joyce Fullarton, Psychologist said: “Given the increasing numbers of young people using
social networking sites, dizeo has filled a potentially dangerous gap in the market, by
o!ering a fun, ‘cool’ but, crucially, safe alternative. With dizeo, parents can have
complete peace of mind that their child is safe online.” Dizeo is accessible for free at
www.dizeo.com with users only having to pay for homework help when required.
Homework help is paid for by using dizeo homework tokens which cost 50p per

Twitter: @DizeoNew