New Dog Management Volunteer Group ‘PAWsitive Action’ would like to invite all Press to a dog training event at Robertson Car Park, Gleniffer Braes Country Park, Gleniffer Road, Paisley on Sunday 15th August 2010.  The training class takes place between 11am and 12pm on this date.
There will be an opportunity between 12pm and 12.30pm to discuss PAWsitive Action’s work with the founders Jacquie Dougan and Tony Gibb and the members of the class.  There will be opportunities for photographs to be taken if required.
For more information contact Jacquie Dougan and Tony Gibb on 01505 842 885.

PAWsitive Actions aims are:

• To promote public education in health, care, control and management of dogs to ensure public safety and prevent dog related problems in our communities.

• Provision of knowledgeable, accurate information regarding responsible dog ownership to the public.

• To improve quality of life in the natural and built environment by promoting high standards of dog management.

• To equip young people with the knowledge and skills to encourage responsible dog ownership.

• To work in partnership with Local Authorities, Councils, Community Councils, Dog Wardens, Police, community groups, schools and any other relevant bodies to promote a sense of respect and responsibility towards dogs in the community.