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We’re pleased to say the events delivered on 22nd May (Renfrew Leisure Centre) and 27th May (Glynhill Hotel), as well as our stall at the Renfrew Gala Day on 06 June have generated a great deal of interest from local groups and residents – all of whom are keen to take part in the next stage of the process – developing a shared vision for the area.

We’re keen to keep the momentum going and meet with as many residents and groups as possible.

Our Place offers a great opportunity to invest at least £1million of BIG Lottery funding in the area covered by the programme.

The next phase of the Our Place programme is to develop a Community Vision for the area.  We want to ensure that this is a true expression of the views of local people to capture the changes people would like to see taking place, and how these changes might be achieved (e.g. through developing project ideas or other means).

In order that we can start this process we would like to meet with as many groups and individuals as possible,  so we’re hosting a series of 121 sessions on:

16th June in the Cherrie Centre from

10.00am to 8.00pm

(address: 1 Birch Place, Renfrew PA4 8FD)

These sessions will give you an overview of what the Our Place programme has to offer, and give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and talk to you about how you, your neighbours, organisation and clients can get more involved.  It is also the ideal opportunity for you to ask questions that you may have about the work.  To book a one to one session, please contact me on tel: 0141-425-2929 or email

If you would like to attend, please advise of requirements re: access / interpretation needs etc. If you’re not able to attend on the 16th June, please let me know.

In addition we will be carrying out focus groups and consultation workshops over June and July – the times, venues and format of which will be based on the feedback we get from the above 121’s.

Your participation in this next phase, and your help in cascading this information to as many people in the community as possible, is vital to the success of the Our Place programme as we begin to identify the opportunities for change in the area and potential project ideas for BIG Lottery support.

We appreciate the timescale is tight, but we would like to meet with as many people as possible to ensure the vision statement reflects the diversity of the community.

If you know of other community groups or individuals who may also be interested in finding out more about ‘Our Place’ – please direct them to the website ( and our online survey or alternatively contact Tania Morlan, CEIS on tel 0141-425-2929 or Anne Keir, RCVS on tel: 587-2487 for more information.

Thanks again to all those who came along to the information event and we look forward to seeing you on the 16th June.

Our Place Renfrew West is delivered in partnership with CEIS and RCVS