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Swine Flu update – Renfrewshire schools and nurseries

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Here is the latest information on Renfrewshire schools and nurseries that have been affected by cases of swine flu.

  • St Paul’s Primary, Foxbar and Glenfield Community Nursery, Paisley
  • St David’s Primary and Cochrane Castle Primary
  • Paisley Grammar and Gleniffer High

St Paul’s Primary, Foxbar and Glenfield Community Nursery, Paisley

A primary school and a nursery, both in Paisley, are to close for a week (from Friday June 12) after pupils were diagnosed with H1N1 influenza.

A P6 pupil at St Paul’s Primary in Foxbar has tested positive. A number of other pupils are showing symptoms and the advice of public health authorities is the school should close for a week.

One three year old and one four year old who both attend Glenfield Community Nursery in Paisley have tested positive. Two members of staff are symptomatic. The nursery will close for a week.

Parents of children at the school and the nursery are being given letters with information and guidance on H1N1 influenza

Press release: Friday 12 June 2009

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St David’s Primary and Cochrane Castle Primary

Parents of all 222 pupils at two Renfrewshire primary schools St David’s and Cochrane Castle, both in Johnstone, were told not to send their children to school on Wednesday 10 June after new positive tests on pupils for H1N1 influenza. Pupils at both primaries which share a campus in Johnstone will not attend school until 17 June 2009.

25 Pupils in the composite P2/P3 class at St David’s Primary had already been told to stay away from school for a week (on Monday 9 June) after a pupil tested positive. At the time both public health and the council said that the situation would be kept under constant review.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “The schools and the education service have again liaised closely with public health authorities.

“We fully understand parents’ concern and will be writing to all parents with the latest on the situation. Meanwhile we are advising all parents from both primaries to keep their youngsters at home for seven days.”

Parents of the 23 children in the composite P3/P4 class at Cochrane Castle were issued with Tamiflu capsules for their children on Wednesday.

Children at West Johnstone Family Centre who do not come into regular close contact with the primary school pupils can continue to attend the centre.

Press release: Wednesday 10 June 2009

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Paisley Grammar and Gleniffer High Schools

Almost 200 S1 pupils in Paisley Grammar School did not attend school during the week beginning Monday 8 June after a pupil tested positive for H1N1 influenza (swine flu).

Another 149 pupils from years 4, 5 and 6 at Gleniffer High in Paisley who sat Chemistry exams at their school on Wednesday 3 June also did not attend school for the week. A pupil who sat the exam tested positive for H1N1 influenza.

Renfrewshire Council contacted parents and asked them to attend the schools. Public health and education officials were on hand to issue Tamiflu capsules for their children. Parents were also able to have their questions answered and were given information about H1N1 influenza.

Any parents who weren’t able to go to the schools were given information on where they could obtain Tamiflu capsules.

Apart from the pupil groups indicated, the schools continue to operate normally.

S3 pupils at Paisley Grammar had already been advised to stay away from school this week following an earlier case of H1N1 influenza involving an S3 pupil.

John Rooney, Director of Renfrewshire Council’s Education and Leisure Services said: “The schools and the education service have again liaised closely with public health authorities and the Scottish Government.

“All the pupils involved are being given Tamiflu capsules and will not come to school for the next week as a precautionary measure.

“We are continuing to work closely with public health colleagues and to monitor any cases that arise. I fully understand this situation is a matter of concern for parents. We’re following the advice we’ve received from the public health professionals just as we have done throughout.”

Press release: Monday 8 June 2009

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