Do you remember when the fanfare sounded when Renfrewshire Council said they would spend 50 million to 60 million on the regeneration of Paisley? Well did you also know it was two years ago? And have you seen anything happen to regenerate Paisley town centre? Nope nor have I

Here is the message board topic that has been open for 2 years and 5 months when the council told us all about their so called plans.

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This post was started 2 years and 7 months ago following the announcement that £60 million would be used to transform Paisley and since then nothing has been injected into this once proud town.

The council have bled it dry, and have left the west end of the town to rot and die and now announce that the plan they launched in 2006 will now take an extra 2 years to complete.

The PDE revealed that a report to be considered by councillors next week advises that the impact of the economic downturn means its more realistic to look at a 5 year plan to achieve regeneration rather than the original 3 ( of which they only have 5 months left.

Councillor Mackay says “By keeping the structure in place and building on achievements so far we will be ready to take advantage when there is an upturn in private sector investment”

What achievements would they be then !!!

The council are just paying lip service and offering false promises and empty gestures.

They do however continue to find money from the public sector to refurbish their own offices in the town centre and surrounding areas and award themselves bonuses.

They need to inject money now to encourage folk into the town before this town does become a ghost town.

They are quick enough to take money from us.
Heres the link for the PDE, let us know what your thoughts are.…ears-87085-22873323/


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